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为爱祈祷 为爱祈祷

earnest plea,and won approval by peoplpe all around the world.Zhugeliang showed his worry about his motherland,and left a good name for a hundrad generations by Memorial on However,an ordinary person couldn"t have such a strong will.But to sow the seeds of love is within our ability.Who can bear the scene that a begger kneeling on the ground and drinking rain water?But to my disappointed,I only saw the sympathetic looks and sad expressions.Out of the crowd,the rushing passers by appeared and disappeared like lightning.Perhaps at that moment,what the begger badly needed wasn"t money,but greetings,encouragement,or just faith. Love is so,it"s with us all the time,but someone will never find it in his lifetime.Love is a strange thing,it needs to be given,to be created. In fact,love has already permeated into every field.Teachers sow the seeds of love;doctors light up the fire of life by love;painters decorate the world with love.Love is permanent,love is the biggest possession in one"s life time. After reading King Lear,I couldn"t forget the little daughter"s philanthropy.Yesterday"s misery has gradually passed away.Our body has got warmth because of love chain.

  Our soul won"t be lonely any longer.Love chain leads us to the paradise of love,and gives us the warm sunshine.Let"s light up the fire of love by heart,may every pearl in love chain would be bright. I wiped the dirt on the book softly,and reviewed Shakespear"s monumental work King Lear,then came out the call for love from the bottom of my heart.Therefore,I wrote down the words that have hidden in my heart for a long time.


年紀最大的和第二欺騙父親的漂亮話,因此,他們每個人得到的三分之一possession.But當時,他們虐待李爾王的瘋狂,他away.The和開車的小女兒 couldn“噸奉承她的父親的”S苦難,她立即派軍隊營救 him.Finally,李爾王死於瘋狂。李爾王看完後,我哭了人類的關係被打破由英國資本主義 society.Feulanthropy形成的邊界之間的同情,慈善事業和reality.When人很貧窮的,只有金錢和利潤離開,他們只是把朋友,陌生人,把家長 strangers.Usury橋樑成為人們 communicate.In的世界主導貨幣,越來越多的人提出的政治悲劇 on.I下降深思,如果沒有利潤,歷史將會改變。有時候,我們需要償還和平的靈魂,精神的洗禮。

尊重父母,夫妻之間的愛情,followship朋友之間,照顧兒童,虔誠教師 ......都融化在language.We需要理解它的核心。利米證明了他的尊重的祖母採取行動,並寫下的感人文章紀念在認真認罪,並獲准由peoplpe各地world.Zhugeliang顯示了他擔心自己的祖國,留下一個好名字的hundrad幾代紀念關於然而,一個普通的人couldn“噸有如此強烈的will.But播下愛的種子在我們 ability.Who是可以承受的場景,一個乞丐跪在地上和飲用水雨水?但我失望,我只看到同情的外觀和悲傷 expressions.Out人群,搶路人的出現和消失,如lightning.Perhaps那一刻,什麼乞丐急需的綠帽“噸錢,但問候,鼓勵,或只是信心。愛情是這樣,它的“S與我們所有的時間,但從未發現有人會在他的lifetime.Love是一個奇怪的事,它需要得到,要創建的。事實上,愛已經滲透到各個領域。教師播下愛的種子,醫生點燃火因熱愛生活,裝飾畫家與世界love.Love是永久的,愛是最大的一個擁有的“S壽命。在閱讀李爾王,我無法“忘不了的小女兒的”S philanthropy.Yesterday“禳苦難已逐漸通過 away.Our機構已得到溫暖,因為愛鏈。

我們的靈魂榮獲“噸孤獨任何longer.Love鏈使我們愛的天堂,並給我們的溫暖 sunshine.Let”S輕了消防愛情的心,可能每一個在愛珍珠鏈將是光明的。我抹去的污垢書上輕輕地,並審查了莎士比亞的“S巨著李爾王,然後來到了對愛的呼籲從底部我heart.Therefore,我寫下的話已經隱藏在我心中很長一段時間。 

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