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不错的几篇高考满分作文 不错的几篇高考满分作文

Dear Bob,
  Welcome to China! You wrote to me to find a place for you.
  I have found an apartment on Fangcao Street near Jianxin Chinese School. It is on the third floor and there’re three rooms in it: a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. There is a bed, a sofa, a desk and a chair in the bedroom. The house is 25 square metres and the rent is 500 yuan per month.
  Also from this house you can get to your school easily. Just take the No.11 bus at the bus-stop in front of the building. It is only one stop. At last, will you please tell me the time you arrive? Then I’U be able to meet you at the airport,   see you.
  Best wishes !
                            Li Hua

 Dear Bob,
  How are you these days?
  I’m so glad to know that you’ll come to our city to learn Chinese. You asked me to find a place for you. Now I’ve found one which I think is pretty good. The place is on Fang Cao Street which is near the No.11 bus stop. It’s just one stop away from Jianxin Chinese School.
  There are three rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. Though it is not very big, only 25 square metres, I think it is suitable. By the way, the rent is 500 yuan per month. I hope you’ll like it. If not, I’ll try to find another place for you.
                            Li Hua


不错的关于建筑物描写的英语作文Memorial Temple of Lord Bao 不错的关于建筑物描写的英语作文Memorial Temple of Lord Bao

主保祠坐落在包河公园的西南方的城市中心。它最初建于1066年在包拯的著名在北宋(公元960 - 1127)直立人员内存。





Motorcar a Boon or a Menace 不错的一篇考研英语作文

   Motorcar a Boon or a Menace ?

      The use of the motorcar is becoming more and more widespread in the 21st century. Possessing a car gives a much greater degree of mobility, enabling the driver to move around freely. The car owner is no longer forced to rely on public transport to get about. With the building of good, fast motorways long distances can be covered rapidly and pleasantly. And many people are now able to enjoy their leisure time to the full by making trips to the country or seaside at weekends, instead of being confined to their immediate neighborhood.      When, however, considering the drawbacks, perhaps poilution is of prime problems. As more and more cars are produced and used, so the emission from their exhaust pipes contains an ever larger volume of poisonous gas, which not only pollutes the atmosphere but causes actual harm to the health of people. Another serious problem is traffic congestion, endless queuse of cars crawling bumper to bumper through all the main streets. Difficulties in finding parking lots, and the cost of petrol and road tax all add to the driver' s worries.      With both of these advantages and disadvantages of the use of a car in mind, I, personally, prefer to have my own car for work and play. I can have a wider choice of jobs as I no longer have to work locally, and I can make better use of my free time by driving out at weekends. The feeling of independence, and the freedom to go where I please, is what I enjoy most.


     Sunday, I and my father, mother, grandmother to go home. Grandma has a lovely family dog, whose name is called black. (Because its body is black, so we call it black.) It is a long head with a pair of clever ears, a particularly sensitive nose to sniff things, there are a pair of black shiny eyes. Grandmother lived in the vegetable garden outside the village. We are just riding a motorcycle off the road, black from the vegetable plots ran the fastest to meet us. Because we go to when they are already fast at noon, so let's eat. I finished the meal, we went out looking for black to play. When I saw the black when it's like I feel it seems hungry. I went to took a steamed bun, and then breaking off a small piece of the next, it said: "The black, if we should want to eat then."
      Finish, I put bread and threw the air. Black look, at once erected the whole body up. Should first 2 small black claws on the air, and then big mouth, jump up, suddenly bite of the bread. I jumped up and patted its head, saying: "Well like, black, you're a hummer!" It is a large black tail Shuaile Shuai and gently biting the bite of my Yijiao that agreed. "This time you can not unilaterally!" I am out of its non-preparation, again a small piece of bread a toss up. Black suddenly jump, followed by an urgent turn around, body up a jump, but also caught the. Well, I finished black, it, "Wang Wang" ground called the Liang Sheng, the two forepaws flat on their chests up and down swing, it seems to me to express gratitude. It is also very obedient black. Sometimes I find it very boring when will think of black. As long as I call out: "black, come."
      It will immediately go in front of me. I let it sit, it will sit down; I let it get on the ground it will get on the ground ... ... There is a stranger comes, the black will "bark" to call non-stop, until their families, it is willing to stop. Sometimes it will put out his tongue was breathing heavily; sometimes it will turn a blind eye lying in repose on a haystack; sometimes it will smell the East, West to see; sometimes it pricked up his ears to listen; sometimes It will arrest cricket in the vegetable plots in the wheat ground chasing a hare ... ... This is the black, my black classmates who do you think it is cute?


星期天,我和我的父亲,母亲,奶奶回家。奶奶有一个可爱的家庭狗,他的名字叫黑。 (因为它的身体是黑色的,所以我们称之为黑色的。)这是一个聪明的耳朵特别灵敏的鼻子闻东西对长头,有黑色光泽的一双眼睛。祖母住在菜园村外。我们只是把骑摩托车的道路,从菜地黑跑的最快我们见面了。因为我们去的时候,他们已经快中午,所以让我们吃。我完成了这顿饭,我们出去了比赛的黑人看。当我看到黑色的时候就像我觉得好像饿了。我去了一馒头,然后断绝一小块下,它说:“黑色的,如果我们想要吃,然后。”
      完成时,我把面包扔在空气中。黑色的外观,立即竖起全身了。应首先2黑色小爪子在空中,然后大口,跳起来,突然咬的面包。我跳起来,拍拍它的头,说:“嗯像,黑,你真棒!”这是一个黑色的大尾巴Shuaile帅,轻轻地咬咬我的娇同意这一点。 “这个时候你不能单方面!”我出其非准备,又是面包,一抛了一小块。黑突然跳,一个紧急掉头,身体后跳了一个,而且也引起了。嗯,我完成了黑色,它,“王王”地叫梁晟两个前爪放在胸前,上下摆动单位,在我看来,他们表示谢意。这也很听话黑色。有时候我觉得很无聊时,会想到黑色。只要我喊一声:“黑,来。”
      它将立即去在我面前。我想的坐下,便坐下来,我让它在地下,将获得在当地得到... ...有一个陌生人来,黑色的“树皮”,以提倡不停,直到他们的家人,它愿意停止。有时会伸出舌头喘着粗气,有时会视而不见,在休息躺在草堆,有时会闻到东,西看看,有时竖起了耳朵听,有时会被逮捕板球在小麦地面菜地追逐野兔... ...这是黑色的,我的,您认为谁是可爱的黑人同学?

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