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关于方便面的英语作文 关于方便面的英语作文



关于铁路运输方面Railway Transportation

    More than 20 railway transportation lines totaling some 2,000 kilometers are planned for a dozen Chinese cities, said officials with the Ministry of Construction. 


Railway transportation includes urban express railways, subways, light rails, and trolley cars. 

    Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, and Changchun are all planning to build such a network to conquer the traffic jams and serious pollution caused by the rapid increase of the urban population and the number of automobiles in China.


   The network will have the advantages of cleanliness, security, punctuality, high speed, and large transport capacity, said the officials.

   Financial and technological factors have hampered the development of such a system over the past three decades, and there are now only about 90 km of underground lines in the country with some 600 subway trains in use. 


   Now, however, Beijing alone is planning to build a railway system composed of 13 main routes and two extensions lines totaling 408 km, and increase the railway transport proportion to 50 percent from the present 15 percent, according to local officials.

然而现在,只有北京正计划建立一个铁路系统由13条主要路线和两条扩展线构成,共计408公里,据当地官员说这使提高铁路运输的比例从当前的15% 提高到50%。

    China’s first urban railway line was in Beijing and began test operations in October 1969, and the second, in Tianjin, was open to traffic in December 1984.


关于方便面,方便食品About Convenient Food

Everyone knows America is a nation in a hurry--especially the makers of packaged foods. First there was the TV dinner. Then came fast food for meals on the go. Nowadays, with the pace of life approaching warp speed, it' s time for something marketers call hyper-convenience food.


In their continuing quest to trim the amount of time spent on cooking and eating, packaged food producers are streamlining every aspect of dining--shopping, preparation, the act itself and cleanup. Supermarkets are clustering meal components near each other to reduce the time spent wandering the aisles. Short-cuts like pre-washed, peeled vegetables are everywhere. And any food that can be shaped to fit into cup holders is considered to have a great advantage.


Whether fueled by time-pressed parents or unraveling family life, convenience continues to dominate the food scene. People want to eat the right things but when it comes to health for time, time wins. It is often found that people are frequently eating directly out of boxes, bags or other containers. In addition, teenagers and other family members--whether because of schedules or dysfunction--were shown eating meals at different times, rather than sitting down the dinner together. One of the latest book, The Rise and Fan of the American Teenager concludes that the scatter-shot approach to the family dinner hour is linked to social problems like drug use.

不管是时间紧迫的父母还是时间充裕的家庭,方便将持续主导食品界。虽然人们想吃有营养的食物,但是,在健康和金钱中选择,人们都是选择时间。通常人们都是吃直接从盒子、袋子或其他容器拿出来的食物。此外,青少年和一些他家庭成员——不管是因为时间问题还是身体功能障碍——显示是随时随地吃饭而不是坐在一起吃晚餐。最新的一本书,The Rise and Fan of the American Teenager(书名)总结出,随意的家庭晚餐时间跟一些社会问题是有联系的,比如说吸毒。

Now, people are constantly pressed for time and on the move. Family members seldom sit down for dinner every night. It's a very different pace we live today. Breakfast is pretty much gone, as far as sitting down and eating. Lunch is on the way out, and dinner is under attack.


关于减肥方法的英语文章 关于减肥方法的英语文章




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