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关于制作美食的英语作文 关于制作美食的英语作文












关于火车票实名制 About the Train Ticket Real Name System

In some southern cities, railway station offices and authorized agencies have begun selling real-name train tickets. Requiring a valid form of identification, the real-name system aims to make buying tickets more convenient and fairer. It is also said to be effective in curbing scalping, especially during the Spring Festival period.


Though the aim ofintroducing real-name train ticket is fully justified, it has brought aboutsome problems. One problem is the leaking of personal information. Buyers’names and ID numbers printed on the tickets may be used to make falsecertificates or for other purposes once the tickets fall into the wrong hands.Another problem is that the complicated system and check-in process add to the alreadyheavy workload of the railway workers.


In my view, the real-name train ticket system is a bold try to ensure passengers’ security andan effective weapon against notorious scalping. Since it is new-born and needstime to perfect itself, we should treat fairly the current problems it brings.I believe that with people’s awareness of privacy protection enhanced, and withthe development of technology, this action will bring convenience and benefit to passengers.


关于火车票实名制Real-name Train Ticket

 The Real-name Train Ticket Purchase System Launched


  With the largest population in the world and an underdeveloped railway system,China is notorious for making train tickets particularly hard to purchase for ordinary citizens, especially during the Spring Festival when the railway is the primary means of transportation. As a result, ticket scalpers have proliferated, monopolizing a large quantity of tickets by either hiring people to buy tickets or conspiring with the ticket sellers within the railway stations.

中国拥有世界上最多的人口,但铁路系统却欠发达,中国多年来在让普通民众极难顺利的买到车票上一直是臭名昭著; 尤其是在春节期间,火车作为人们主要的交通手段,一票难求。这样一来,票贩子们层出不穷,垄断了很大一部分票源。其做法有二:一是雇人购票,二是与火车站内的售票员狼狈为奸。

  As the entire nation’s outrage over ticket scarcity keeps mounting, the Chinese government has introduced the drastic measure that citizens purchase train tickets with valid personal IDs. The system is designed primarily to crack down on ticket scalpers whose business has developed into a major industry. By allowing each individual to buy only one ticket, the system seeks to make tickets accessible to people in real need, rather than controlled by a small number of profit-seeking and illegal scalpers.


  However, this reformatory measure, while somewhat easing ticket scarcity, creates new problems. Buyers find the whole buying process troublesome and time-consuming. When boarding the train, the passenger who forgets to bring his valid ID certificate will be denied access to the train. I believe the introduction of each new system is coupled with shortcomings and there must be ways to improve the system as it is enforced. Of course, we look forward to the day when China’s railway networks are so sufficiently developed that tickets are readily available to anyone at any time.


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