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Youthful Times年轻时代

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Youthful Times年轻时代         Time flies when we are having fun is an old expression. We know, as we reminisce of our past, time flies regardless. As we grow beyond our teenage. We remember the times of fun we had when we were young, when we were in primary school. We had little concern, little responsibilities. We all remember chasing our friends in catch, sneaking around in hide-and-seek and the fun in the playground. As we grow with time, our lives become filled with stress and worries. It is in these times we remember what we had, what we took for granted. As we do so, we look forward to what we can achieve and what we will see of ourselves years down the tracks.       时间过得很快,当我们获得乐趣是一个古老的表现。我们知道,我们的过去,不管时间怀念苍蝇。随着我们的发展超出了我们的青少年。我们记得我们的快乐时光,我们年轻的时候,当我们从小学。我们没有多少关注,小的责任。我们都记得,在追赶追逐的朋友,隐藏在附近偷偷和,寻求和在操场乐趣。当我们随着时间的增长,我们的生活变得充满压力和忧虑。正是在这些时候,我们记得我们,我们认为理所当然。当我们这样做,我们期待着我们能够实现什么,我们将看到自己年后的轨道。大学学习是否无益 Whether College Study Is Useless

Manypeople, including some college students hold the opinion that it’s no use tocome to college which is a waste of time. Students cannot learn what they needin their future work. So why do we study hard for the college entranceexamination and get to a better the college?


It’sa common phenomenon that students consider the college entrance examination astheir destination in learning career. They don’t pay much attention to theircollege study. So do I. I couldn't fall asleep the night when the collegeentrance examination was over. I didn’t know what I should do tomorrow. Mainlybecause I was told that college life is relaxed.   


However,obviously, you can choose a hardworking life which makes your life in collegemore meaningful. You can do a part time job in your spare time, you can joinsome associations, or you can study hard in one field, which can benefit toyou. Don’t forget to make full use of library that is the most beautifulscenery in college.


Bea brilliant person. Choose a college life which can help you grow up and withno regret. Certainly, to that kind of students, college study is necessary.


大学排名之我见 My View on University Ranking

Now,it is generally acknowledged that competence is getting fiercer and fiercer. Therefore,going to a good university is the premise of getting a good job and wining inthe competitive society. As a result, university ranking becomes much popularthan before. We can also see many ads on the internet which commend a specialuniversity ranked first. And universities try to make themselves bigger andstronger to get a better ranking.


Differentpeople have different opinions on universities ranking. The reason why mostpeople oppose to it can be complicated. To start with, university ranking makesgood universities superior but put the general universities into a worsecondition. What’s more, it would do harm to the development of theuniversities. The governmental subsidy is mostly used on superior universities,while the infamous universities won’t get it. The last but not the least, theexcellent future of a student is not depended on the university, but to thestudent himself .In a sense, university ranking is not meaningful.


Asfar as I’m concerned, I don’t agree to it. Each university has its own benefitsand culture, so that we can’t evaluate a university simply by its ranking. Soit’s better to stop ranking university.


贝克汉姆造访同济大学发生踩踏事故 致多人受伤Beckham Visited Tongji University Causing Stampede Accident

Beckham visit Tongji University on June 20th. He is scheduled to Tongji Universityplayground to interact with Tongji team and Shen Xin youth team. However, thescene has been out of control before it starts because there are huge crowds offans there, some climb trees, some turn on the wall, and the guards maintainorder hand in hand. As the onlookers at the scene are too excited, there happensstampede. Students, staff and police are injured to varying degrees. As aresult, the activity is forced to cancel. David Beckham arriving there to left isless than five minutes. According to reports, there are at least five or sixpeople injured.


David Beckham arrives at the scene, with great popularity.The reporter at the scene sees the scene is packed with fans and audience. Thereare about a thousand people. Many people climb to the top of the building towatch, or climb over the wall to the stadium. The scene is out of control.


David Beckhamresponds to the iccident through Xinlang blog in4:39 p.m. I had an incredible response from everyone at Shanghai TongjiUniversity today; sorry I couldn't get out on the pitch to see the teams .Itwas impossible to get through the massive crowds. I heard there were a fewinjuries, hope the fans are ok and I wish them a speed recovery.


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