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我最喜欢的一本书 My Favourite Book

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我最喜欢的一本书 My Favourite Book

I like reading,so I love many different kinds of books very much,because they not only broaden my horizons(视野)but also give me inspiration(灵感).


Up to now I have read a lot of books, for example,magazines,novels and storybooks and so on.But one of the books that I like best is My Life Story.It was created(创作)by an American writer—Helen Keller(海伦·凯勒)in 1902.She was a blind(盲的),deaf(聋的)and dumb(哑的)person.In the book,she wrote that she had not been able to see,hear or speak since the age of one year and seven months.This unusual thing made her very sad.When she was seven years old,she knew Miss Sullivan(沙利文),her good teacher.Helen was getting happier every day.Then,Miss Sullivan helped her learn how to write English words.At first,Miss Sullivan wrote some words on Helen's hands with her own fingers again and again.Helen was a very diligent girl.Because of this,she tried as much as possible to remember words.After that,she wrote and published(出版)many famous works.My Life Story is one of them. 


My Life Story described her hard struggle to become an outstanding(著名的)writer and educationist(教育家)of the world. 


It shows us a universal(普遍的)truth:“Nothing is difficult if you put your heart intoit!”This is why I like it best.What about you?


我最喜欢的节日 My Favorite Holiday

Myfavorite holiday is Mid-autumn Day. Do you know why? Firstly, it’s day forfamily gathering. On Mid-autumn Day, families will stay together and eat a bigdinner. My families always make very delicious food. After dinner, familieswill enjoy the beautiful full moon. We often have a good talk and eat mooncakes and fruits. For me, I like moon cakes very much. They are so tasty.Besides, the Mid-autumn Day is in autumn. It’s my favorite season.


游泳是我最喜欢的运动Swimming is My Favorite Sport

I’m neitherinterested in sports nor good at it. But except swimming. I can swim since I wasa baby. My mother tells me that she let me swim in the water with a life-buoywhen I was 20 days old. And then I can swim gradually. When I grow up, I likeswimming very much. I swim all the year round. Swimming in summer makes me feelcomfortable to lower my temperature. While winter swimming makes me feelexcited and achievability. In general, swimming keeps me fit in both physicaland mental. Whenever I feel upset, I would go swimming and then I would be fullof energy and feel relax. Besides I believe it is due to swimming that I’m sothin. Who wants to lose weight, join me. We can make more friends in swimming. Oh, I couldn’t wait to swim now. Butit is ten o’clock in the evening. I have to go to sleep. Good night everyone.


我最喜欢的食物My Favorite Food

Fish is myfavorite food. I don’t know why I like to eat it. I just feel the smell of fishis very delicious. Maybe is heredity, as my father and grandma also like it. What’smore, I don’t care what kind of fish or what kind of coking style, I like allof them without reasons. Everytime my mother cook fish, I will eat much morethan usual. So my mother always says that she gives birth to a cat. Everytime shesays that all of us laugh.    

鱼是我最喜欢的食物。我不知道我为什么喜欢它。我只是觉得鱼的味道很好吃。也许是遗传的,因为我的父亲和奶奶也喜欢它。更重要的是,我不在乎什么样的鱼或是什么样的烹饪方式,我就是毫无理由的喜欢所有的。每次妈妈煮鱼的时候,我会吃的比平时多。我妈妈总是说她生了一只猫。每次她说的时候我们都笑了。                       英语作文 http://yingyu.0s.net.cn/201310/101aN612013.html
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