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互联网与我们的生活The Internet and Our Life

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互联网与我们的生活The Internet and Our Life

The Internet and Our Life

We know the Internet is playing a more and more important part in our daily life.

On the Internet, we can get as much information as we can. We can send e-mails to our friends and talk to them as well. Besides, on the Internet we can read books, enjoy music and watch ball games. We can also do shopping without leaving our homes. But many students spend too much time playing Internet games. They waste a lot of time.


We must make good use of the Internet.


互联网的使用My View on the Internet

Alongwith the fast development of advanced science and technology, the Internet hasbeen an essential part in people’s lives. However, as to whether it is ablessing or a curse, people take different opinions towards it with thewidespread use of the Internet.


Onone hand, those who have already benefited from its practicing sing highly ofit. They claim that the Internet has improved their efficiency in study andwork a lot. They can search the resources they need on the Internet and thereis no need to go out to examine on the spot each time. In addition, the Internetcontributes a lot to long-distance communication and interaction, and thatsaves more time for their study and business.


However,every coin has two sides. There are a number of people argue that using the Internethas given rise many problems to their lives, and let me cite student as anexample. For one thing, the matters on the Internet are so various anddisordered that students are easy to be attracted by other matters which is notgood for them. And that will waste much time and even bring harm to them. Foranother, all kinds of network games are a great lure and harm to students.Those who are addicted to network games are easy to be lured away from theirstudies.


Fromwhat has been discussed above, I am inclined to support the former view becauseI convince that the advantages of the internet far weigh the disadvantages.Meanwhile, I also advocate that we should avoid its disadvantages as much aspossible as well as use it in the right way.


互联网 The Internet

In the technology society, the Internet has become an important part in daily life. There area growing number of peopleinterested in the Internet. People can study, entertain, and watch the news on the Internet. For our students, we are able to get the latest information and learning materials in the Internet. Besides, we can join group discussions with other students, and the distance education on the Internet is very useful to us.  Except for study, students can have fun on the Internet, such as watching movies, listening to the music and getting news. It helps us to broaden our horizons. But, we should control ourselves and can not spend too much on searching the Internet.

在科技社会中,互联网已经成为日常生活中的重要部分。越来越多的人对互联网感兴趣。人们可以在互联网上学习,娱乐,看新闻。对我们学生来说,我们可以在网上获取最新信息和学习材料。此外,我们可以与其他同学加入讨论组,而且网上远程 教育对我们很有用。除了学习之外,学生可以在互联网上娱乐,比如看电影,听音乐以及获取新闻等等。它可以帮助我们开阔视野。但是,我们应该控制自己,不能花太多时间上网。

关于互联网的好处和坏处的英语作文 关于互联网的好处和坏处的英语作文

以下方面可以最好说明互联网的优势。 Netsurfers在不同国家(网上冲浪者)可以分享有趣的知识和最新信息。此外,互联网提供了一个重要机会购买和出售商品(商品)。更重要的是,人们可能会寻求医疗的帮助,甚至在互联网上进行表决。其优点似乎不计其数。


   我们要处理的问题,同时我们要发挥其潜力以及。随着互联网的人应当妥善管理经验的信息革命更加丰硕的果实。所有时代的智慧,所有具有数百年人类文明的信息,应提供给我们随着互联网的健康发展。  英语作文 http://yingyu.0s.net.cn/201310/1015M4022013.html
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