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做一个乐观的人To Be an Optimistic Person

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做一个乐观的人To Be an Optimistic Person

 Do you see the glass as half-full rather than all empty? The two different answers to this question represent two different attitudes towards life -- optimistic attitude and pessimistic attitude.


Optimism always leads to happiness, health and success while pessimism, by contrast, results in hopelessness, sickness and failure. That's because optimists and pessimists deal with the same challenges and disappointments in very different ways. When things go wrong,the pessimist tends to blame himself, while the optimist looks for loop holes. The optimist feels in control of his overall life. If things are going badly, he acts quickly, looking for solutions, forming a new plan of action, and seeking for advice. On the contrary, the pessimist yields to the arrangement of fate and moves slowly. He doesn't seek advice, since he assumes nothing can be done.


Most people are a mix of optimism and pessimism. Optimism is important in all aspects of our lives. If you can change your mind from pessimism to optimism, you can change your life.


怎样做一个成功的演讲者 How to Become an Effective Speaker

Goodpublic speakers are made, not born. Very few speakers can give a stirringspeech without preparation and practice. With studying public speakingtechniques, you may not become a famous speaker. However, you will be able toget your messages across clearly and completely. Essentially, there are fourguidelines to follow in order to deliver a speech effectively.




Goodspeakers let their unique personalities shine through. They don’t try toimitate other speakers.  As you deliver a speech, you’ll communicate those sameinterests and attitudes to the audience through your verbal and nonverbaldelivery. Because it isn't as natural to express yourself through publicspeaking as through conversation, you must be well-prepared. Preparation givesyou the confidence that lets you be yourself.




Noone wants to listen to a dull speaker. It doesn't mean you have to tell dozensof jokes to hold an audience’s attention. It does mean that your delivery mustexpress your interests and enthusiasm for your topic and your audience. Aspeaker who has an energetic, lively, active, or assertive style is said topossess dynamism, which is one element establishes a speaker’s credibility.Lively delivery can help build the audience’s perception of the speaker’scredibility.




Gooddelivery is appropriate for the situation, the purpose, and the audience. Forexample, a speaker presenting a tribute to someone who died would be expectedto create a solemn, respectful mood through vocal techniques, posture, andfacial expressions, as well as through the words selected.




Gooddelivery gives meaning to a speaker’s message. Through appropriate vocal andnon-vocal techniques, you can emphasize ideas or provide pauses that allow theaudience to reflect on what has been said. Likewise, using a gesture to indicate an object’s size adds clarity to adescription.  


做一个快乐的人 Be Happy 做一个快乐的人 Be Happy

Canyou imagine the world full of crying and shouting, under the control of power,covered with darkness? However, it’s not just a joke I make, It is theveritable describe of a world without happiness and laugh. So, just be happy, spreadsunshine all over the world.


Ifcompare our life to a pie, our all emotions to all sorts of stuffing, what doyou want to make the most part of the pie if you control the process of makingthe pie of life? Obviously, the majority of people will add happiness to thepie as many as possible. Do you know why? It’s just because happiness standsfor sweet in most people’s mind, including me.


Don’tconsider it just as a comparison. It is the reflection of what you want.Happiness is a flower living in the sunshine and it is not difficult to reachfor it. We have a variety of emotions like blues, anger, fear, enthusiasm, happinessand all of them would naturally appear when something affects our feelings. So,if we can change our attitudes towards things in the world, we can surelyadjust our emotion in a good state. It means that we can choose to be happy ifwe want, as long as we can comment on everything in a positive way.


Youmay have ever heard about that kind of story that a patient recovering from aserious disease because of his optimism. That’s not a wonder. We can also own happiness,can feel the power of it, and the key to happiness is just in our own hands.


Ifwe can be happy, why not choose to be? Let’s try together to create a worldfilled up with smiling faces and sunshine.


How to Make a Good Speech? 怎样做一个成功的演讲者?

Ifyou are a student who wants to find a good job after graduation, you have totake a job interview and make a presentation or a speech. How to make yourselfimpressed and present an impressive speech in front of interviewers. What youshould pay special attention to? Here are some instructive suggestions:

1.Prepare: Plan ahead and think about what you are going to say. In the words ofMark Twain, it usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptuspeech.

2.Know your subject: You may be very high in IQ and very good in writing, butalways ensure you know the subject and have background information at hand forquestion time.

3.Know your audience: Find out who you will be addressing so that you can tailoryour comment accordingly. Clients, bankers, professors and managers, forexample, require a different approach to that needed for classmates at anin-house gathering.

4.Make a point: Keep your speech short and concise and have a few clear pointsthat you need to convey. Emphasize these and tone down on any oralparaphernalia that will confuse the message.

5.Practice: Never meditate your speech in heart as your delivery will becomestilted, but do rehearse it a few times in front of the mirror, your partner oryour dog.

6.Stay calm: A little nervous energy can enhance your speech, but too much can bedisastrous. Do not rely on alcohol for help, no matter how much you need Dutchcourage. Take a deep breath and keep a clear head.

7.Eye contact: Creating a personal rapport with your audience is a skill thatseparates gifted speakers from the mundane. If the thought of looking into asea of faces scares you, adjust your gaze regularly at different points in theroom to create the same effect.

8.First impression: Your initial impression is vital when making a publicpresentation. Find out about dress codes at the venue so that you look yourbest and, if possible, check the microphone beforehand to ensure you know howto use it.

9. Vary tone and body language: Monotony kills a speech. Nerves causeyour vocal chords to restrict, raising the pitch of your voice. Make an effectto breathe deeply and enunciate clearly. Plopping your arms down will distractyour listeners but natural, descriptive movements can enhance meaning.

Ifyou follow the simple suggestions above, you would find that a public speakingor presentation is just a piece of cake. Once it’s done, you may find that it’sa enjoyable process so that you may have desire to make more speeches.

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