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“巧熟”能生巧Appropriate Practice Makes Perfect

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“巧熟”能生巧Appropriate Practice Makes Perfect

 There is a universal saying that practice makes perfect, however I think appropriate practice makes perfect considering to training technique, training volume and other reasons. Practice can make you remember and understand something new, but inappropriate practice may make your effort useless or even lead you to the opposite direction. Therefore, before your practice, you should think about whether your method, plan are appropriate or not. Only the appropriate method and plan help you get what you wish. Practicing oral English, for instance, if you say a word in a poor pronunciation, no matter how many times you say it, you will never pronounce it correctly.


哑巴英语 “Mute English” among Chinese Students

Itis a serious phenomenon that a large number of college students in our countrycannot talk with others in English or speak English fluently or correctly. Whatwould result in this phenomenon and how can we solve this problem?


Asfar as I am concerned, several reasons can account for this phenomenon and Iwould like to list some of them. First, lack of practice is the most importantfactor—most students in China do not pay enough attention to their oral Englishpractice because they think they will not use it in their career frequently.Second, lack of the language environment is another reason. The majority ofstudents in china will not be willing to speak English unless they arerequested in class in that they will feel weird and uneasy if they use Englishto talk with others. In addition, some students are too shy and nervous tospeak English fluently.


Takingabove general reasons into accounting, I would like to make some suggestions toavoid “mute English”. For one thing, to correct the attitude is the mostimportant. Students have to adjust their attitude towards oral English so thatthey will have further motivation to practice it well. For another, practice isequally important. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. Students shouldpractice their oral English as much as possible. Only in this way can they geta satisfying result and avoid “mute English”.


改善学生心理健康 Improve Students’ Mental Health

Inrecent years, there is no doubt that mental health has aroused hot debates inour daily life. There is a fact that many students in college suffer frommental illness. The mental health illness has an effect on their study andlife. So, it’s time to know how to overcome it.


Asfar as I am concerned, effective measures must be taken before things getworse. We should pay attention to students’ mental health. For one thing, lessonson psychological health should be given to students to prevent problems fromhappening. For another thing, psychological clinics should be set up to providetroubled students with timely help.


Asa student, I should make friends with others, and we should be positive tocommunicate with friends, teachers, and parents. In case of illness happen, weare supposed to ask mental teacher for help without any hesitation. So, only inthis way can we have a healthy mental in college life.


提高大学生的心理健康 How to Improve Student’s Mental Health

Moreand more people has begun to consider their mental health that plays animportant role in our daily life. Nowadays ,many students suffer from mentalillness ,which seriously influence on their study and daily life.


Consequently,schools should take effect measures to solve this problem. The mental healthconsul department should be built in school to help those students who sufferfrom mental illness. In this way, those who are subjected to the mental illnesscan get rid of the unhealthy shadow and build up their confident. On the onehand, school can provide a chance for students to show their tension. On theother hand, president and teachers should try their best to help those students.In addition, giving more concentration on their physical health would help themto rebuild their mental health.


Fromwhat has been mentioned above, as students, we should try our best tocommunicate with our, friends, parents or teachers. Last but not the least; weshould not hesitate to go to the mental health consult room for help when wehave trouble in mental illness. Only in this way, can we reduce our mental illness,and we will become a strong and confident person in the end.


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