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介绍自己的城市 Introduce My City

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介绍自己的城市 Introduce My City

Qianshan is a new economic zone with a population of more than three hundred thousand. Before the reform and opening up, Qianshan was only a small fishing-dominated village. There was no industry developing here and there were only a couple of schools. However, with the reform and opening up, everything has greatly changed. From then on, many foreign investors invest in here, which promotes rapid economic growth. Many large factories and a large port have been built. The port connects with many cities at home and abroad. In addition, there is train station and airport. They contribute a well-developed transportation system. Education has been greatly developed and the first university has been built here. There has been three thousand students graduated from this university. I am sure that Qianshan will be more international in the near future.


自我介绍(小学生)Self-introduction (Primary Student)

I’m aprimary student. I live happily. I have long hair and a lovely face. But I ‘mvery short. Being the shortest girl in my class, I feel shamed of it, though myteacher and classmates always say I will grow taller in the future to comfortme. Besides, I feel very happy in school. There are so many students play withme, and I always do well in study. So, when I go home, my parents also happy,too. My father often take me out to different interesting places. And my motherusually cook delicious food for me. How happy I am!


自我介绍 About Myself

Myname is Simon. I'm 24 years old now. I'm from Changsha University. I major inEnglish, because I have the gift for language study.


Inmy opinion, English is well-known all around the world. If I can speakexcellent English, I could travel to everywhere in the world without languagebarriers. Now I can speak English like an American. Most of my classmatesalways envy my oral English.


Ilike traveling very much. Through traveling, I can widen my perspective andknow more about our world. Now I have been to so many cities, such asGuangzhou, Zhuhai, and Zhongshan. These cities are nice, clean and modern.


Ithink I'm easy-going and hard-working. When I'm at work, I always try my bestto do everything well. I never let others do anything that I can do, and Inever put off today's work to tomorrow. When you have difficulties, I’m eagerto give you a hand if I'm able to. I hope I can be your best friend.

我很随和也很勤奋。工作时,我总会尽我最大的努力把一切事情办好。 我不会让别人来替我做我能做的事情,我从来不会把今天的工作留到明天。当你有困难时,如果可以的话我很愿意帮忙。我希望我能成为你最好的朋友。

自我介绍 Self-introduction

MyChinese name is Peng Wanjun and English name is Alice. I'm a girl in my 12years old. I like singing and acting. Besides, I like doing sports. Tabletennis is my favorite sport. I have a brother and a sister. They are middleschool students. I study in Xing Gong Primary School. I'm in Class Two GradeFour. I have three best friends. They are Huang Yue, Xia Yu and Wang Tongtong.We have many things in common. Do you like me? 


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