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难忘的经历 An Unforgettable Experience

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难忘的经历 An Unforgettable Experience

Lastsummer holiday, I learned to swim. It was very unforgettable and interesting. Iwent to the swimming pool with my father. He taught me how to swim. At first, Iwas afraid of diving in the water. And I felt uncomfortable in the water. But fathersaid it doesn’t matter and he would protect me. Then I began to swim, but I couldn’tswim forward at all. It made me upset. Then father told me how to move, how to stretchout my hands and legs. Slowly, I could move a little. In fact, it was not thateasy. I learned it for almost half a month. I was excited when father told me Imade it.


学校里一件难忘的事An Unforgettable Thing in School

One of my roommate often talk when he sleeps. He talked about allkinds of things.For example ,last night, I had a hard jod to fall asleep.I read a novel to make my eyes feel sleepy.When I was concentrated to thestory ,I heard he said:"how much do you want?" It sounds like he wasarguing a price with somebody , I was very strange ,so I asked:" Are youawake?what are you talking about?" there was not reply . At that time , hebegain to talk agin:"OK, OK."It was the first time I heart him talk,so I did afraid of that and unforgettable.


难忘的事an unforgettable thing

I still remember that thing a few yearslater and feel afraid. It happened on my way to play. It was Sunday. I wouldlike to Maggie’s home for a visit. However, when I passed a river, I saw three childrenat my age playing in the river. How happy they were! At that time, I had a ideathat I would like to ask Maggie to go swimming with me in the river. Suddenly,something scare happened. One the three chiledren slipped and the other twowanted to help him. Unfortunately, all of them were struggling. I was shock. Andthen I rushed to the river bank immediately. However, I saw nothing but thepeaceful river. I knew what happened. I was frightened. A few hours later I heardthe death of them. I was so frightened and sad that I have never go never any river sincethen.


一件难忘的事 An Unforgettable Thing

I’m a girl at the age of twelve and ingrade six. As our grade six students have to attend the secondary schoolentrance exam a year later, we have to go to school to take part in the self-studyat night. Considering the distance of my home to school, my father decided toteach me ride bikes.


It was a Saturday morning. My father toldthe key point to ride a bike at first. It was be brave and look forward insteadof looking the wheels. My father held me and the bike firmly and then I rideit. Though I was afraid, I feel safe with my father around me. A few hourslater, I can ride it without my father’s help. I was so happy, but my fatherwas covered with sweat. I never fell off the bike with his protection. Watchingmy sweating father, I can feel his love for me.


Learning to ride a bike is such a memerablething that I’ m only master it but also understand the love of my father.


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