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自我介绍(小学生Self-introduction Primary Student

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自我介绍(小学生)Self-introduction (Primary Student)

I’m aprimary student. I live happily. I have long hair and a lovely face. But I ‘mvery short. Being the shortest girl in my class, I feel shamed of it, though myteacher and classmates always say I will grow taller in the future to comfortme. Besides, I feel very happy in school. There are so many students play withme, and I always do well in study. So, when I go home, my parents also happy,too. My father often take me out to different interesting places. And my motherusually cook delicious food for me. How happy I am!


自我介绍 About Myself

Myname is Simon. I'm 24 years old now. I'm from Changsha University. I major inEnglish, because I have the gift for language study.


Inmy opinion, English is well-known all around the world. If I can speakexcellent English, I could travel to everywhere in the world without languagebarriers. Now I can speak English like an American. Most of my classmatesalways envy my oral English.


Ilike traveling very much. Through traveling, I can widen my perspective andknow more about our world. Now I have been to so many cities, such asGuangzhou, Zhuhai, and Zhongshan. These cities are nice, clean and modern.


Ithink I'm easy-going and hard-working. When I'm at work, I always try my bestto do everything well. I never let others do anything that I can do, and Inever put off today's work to tomorrow. When you have difficulties, I’m eagerto give you a hand if I'm able to. I hope I can be your best friend.

我很随和也很勤奋。工作时,我总会尽我最大的努力把一切事情办好。 我不会让别人来替我做我能做的事情,我从来不会把今天的工作留到明天。当你有困难时,如果可以的话我很愿意帮忙。我希望我能成为你最好的朋友。

自我介绍 Self-introduction

MyChinese name is Peng Wanjun and English name is Alice. I'm a girl in my 12years old. I like singing and acting. Besides, I like doing sports. Tabletennis is my favorite sport. I have a brother and a sister. They are middleschool students. I study in Xing Gong Primary School. I'm in Class Two GradeFour. I have three best friends. They are Huang Yue, Xia Yu and Wang Tongtong.We have many things in common. Do you like me? 


自我介绍 Self-introduction

Good morning, myadmirable teacher and my dear fellows. My name is Qing Cheng and I’m in my 17years old. I graduated from theTianTaoMiddle school, which is one of the best middle schoolsin my city. Its campus is as beautiful as ours. My favorite subject is math,because it’s a complicated subject that drives a lot of students crazy. But I ama student who likes challenges and I can feel great achievement when I solve amath problem. Besides, I like various extra curricular activities, because theycan bring me a colorful life. In my opinion, study is just a part of our life,so that we should not be constrained by it. The most important is that I amhappy to be a classmate of you. I hope we can study as well as play together.


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