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什么是快乐 What Is Happiness

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什么是快乐 What Is Happiness

Manypeople ask what happiness is. I don’t know why there are many people askingthis question, because I think happiness is simple. As for me, I feel happywhen I do a good job in my study. Teachers praise me and my parents are happy.Or, when I help others I feel happy. I am proud of myself. Besides, playingwith my classmates or friends is happy, too. We always have a great timetogether. From above, they are all happiness.


对于潜在职员,雇主看中的是什么呢?What Does Employers Look for in Potential Employees?

Knowingwhat an employer is looking for in a potential employee can help us to preparefor an interview. An interviewer may have such questions in his mind: Whatspecific skills am I looking for in the people who apply for a job? And how doI identify these skills?


First,most important for him in the way of skills is the ability to communicate ---can people speak clearly? Can they express the kind of person they believethemselves to be? In what kind of situation do they perform well? What aretheir strengths and weaknesses? So what he’s looking for is an ability toverbalize an idea in clear, simple, understandable language.


Second,he is looking for creativity. He will ask some “odd” questions. How do they respond in these tough situations --- canthey be creative with their answers? This is very important when they are outin business situations with customers. They will have to respond to very suddenchanges and problem-solving situation that they are not familiar with, and theinterviewer wants to know if they can handle them.


Third,what he looks for the most are personal qualities --- assertiveness, drive,ambition and a competitive instinct. They should be high achievers and want towork hard. How they present their experiences? Forexample, an assertive person will say, “I can do these things” and “I decidedin this course of action,” whereas a more passive person might say, “These arethe experiences I have had.” All of these things describe the person in someway.


什么是快乐? What Is Happiness?

Many people believe that having alot of money is the greatest happiness in life. But I don't agree with them,because money is not everything. Money can't make us a true man.


The way I see it, good health ismuch better than a lot of wealth. No matter how much money we have, we’ll not feelhappy at all if we are in poor health. In order to be healthy, we must keep apositive attitude and have a good living habit.


Apart from good health, we mustbe diligent at work. As long as we work hard, we cannot just make a goodliving, but enrich our minds.


Additionally, we ought to giveour helpful hands to others when they are in need. While helping others, we canown a good fame as well as get more social experience. It's really a good wayto kill two birds with one stone. Only by doing so can we enjoy the happiestlife.


什么是成功? What Is Success?

Whatis success? I think different people will have different answers. Some people thinkthat success is earning a great deal of money or working in the government. Or successis nothing but we look for all the time. In my opinion, success is quitesimple. It means you can live the life you want and you can feel happiness veryoften. Sometime, money cannot bring you happiness or satisfaction, and you can’thave the feeling of success. Because money is just the tool to achieve yourgoal but never the goal. Therefore, looking for what you really want andthen work hard for it. Then you are close to success.


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