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我的工作My Job

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我的工作My Job

I’m a kindergartenteacher. I’m proud and happy to do this job, to help cultivate the future ofour country. Everyday I get up at seven o’clock.Afterwashing my face and rinsing mymouth, I will go to the school gate to welcome the lovely kids. Then I showthem to have breakfast. After breakfast, I will give class to them. Most of theclasses are the common sense and some are dancing and singing classes. There comesthe noon. I will make them have lunch and then they will go to bed for sleep. Ialso sleep at that time. In the afternoon, they will have one class and then isthe activity time. They leave shool at 4:30. It’s a rich day. Sometimes I feeltired, but I am happy. I love my job.

我是一个幼儿园老师。我很骄傲也很开心去做这份工作,来帮助培养我们国家的未来。我每天七点起床。洗漱之后我会去学校门口迎接那些可爱的孩子。然后我带他们去吃早餐。早餐后我会给他们上课。大多课都是关于常识的,有些是跳舞和唱歌课。中午的时候 我会让他们吃完午餐,然后就上床睡觉。那个时候我也小睡了一下。下午,他们只有一堂课,然后是活动的时间。他们在4点半放学。很充实的一天。有时候我觉得很累,但我很开心。我热爱我的工作。

工作于我的意义 What Work Means to Me

Workmeans a lot to me. I think work is funny. I guess everyone has thought aboutthat work is hard and boring, but I don’t think so. Everything includes fun ifyou put your heart into it and enjoy the process. In work, there must besomething that makes you laugh, such as your partner does something funny outof your expectation.


Inmy opinion, as long as I am still alive, work can perfect my shortages. Throughworking, I will encounter with many different problems which force me to solvethem .Just in this process, I overcome the difficulties and broaden my horizon.And the next time, I won’t be nervous when facing the same problem and maybe Iwill face all problems composedly.


Workis also one thing that makes my life meaningful. As we all know, our life timeis not so much, so we must make full use of it. How can we make it  meaningful but not boring? Many friends have told me that they were bored and didn't knowwhat to do. I always tell them that do something you want as your life time isso short. Maybe we all should ask ourselves that why not use our limited timeto spread our brilliant life.


Ina word, work is vital in my life.


我理想的工作 My Ideal Work

Iwant to set up a flower shop. It’s my ideal work. I think flower is the mostbeautiful gifts given by nature. And flower is a good way to express one’saffection. Nowadays, sending flowers is more and more popular, to parents,friends, teachers and spouse. So I think this business must be good. Moreover, Ilike flowers very much and I am familiar various flowers. I will choosedifferent flowers for different people or preference. The most important is thatI want to transmit love and happiness by flowers.


我的工作地 My Working Place

NowI'm an English teacher in Hengyang Industrial Vocation School. Our school isnot so big, but it's very nice and clean. While walking around our school, youcan see the trees and flowers everywhere. In spring days, the trees are greenand the flowers are so beautiful. It's an excellent place to relax and breathethe fresh air. The teachers in our school are very kind-hearted, and thestudents are well-behaved.


Thereare two teaching buildings in our school. They look so modern and nice. I oftenhave classes in both buildings. Each building has a computer lab, so we cansurf online in our spare time. Beside the teaching buildings is a playground. Studentsoften play football and basketball after school. Our dormitory is behind theteaching buildings. My room is very small but comfortable.


Ihave sixteen classes every week. It seems a little busy for me, but I find it isinteresting. After class, I often help the students with their English. I thinkit's a good way to communicate with the students.


Thisis the best working place in my mind. It's my great pleasure to work here.


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