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名人Celebrity People

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名人Celebrity People

Britney Spears is a popular America singer.I like her very much. She is popular around the world. Her songs are familiarto the young generation. In 1999, she is known around the world by the song "BabyOne More Time", and reached the record of 25 million albums. Because of cuteface and sweet voice, she is called candycandy. However, her reputation is harmfor too much gossip scandal.

布兰妮·斯皮尔斯是一个很受欢迎的美国歌手。我很喜欢她.。她在全世界都很受欢迎。她的歌曲是对于年轻一代都是耳熟能详的。1999年凭借一首《Baby OneMore Time》红遍全球,并创下2500万张的专辑销售记录。因为可爱的脸蛋和甜美的声音,她被称为小甜甜。然而,却因为丑闻名声受损。

大学不应为名人降低入学条件Universities Shouldn't Lower Admission Requirements for Celebrities

In recent years, some universities lower admission requirements for some celebrities who want to continue their study in college. Concerning with the issue, some people think it is acceptable while others disagree. In my point of view, there are no reasons for universities lowering admission requirements for celebrities for the following reasons.


For one thing, lowering admission requirements for celebrities is unfair to those students who spare their efforts to enter college by examination and fair competition. If universities lower admission requirements for celebrities, some students will lose their chance to go to colleges for an unfair reason. And that is not good for carrying our national policy in fair education. For another, this kind of action will set a negative example for people in that celebrities have a great influence on our society. If universities treat the celebrities as special figures, more and more people will use these similar examples as an excuse to seek some special treatment in various areas, which will abet the corruption in our society.


Therefore, I oppose that universities lower admission requirement for celebrities because it will cause negative influences on students and our society. I advocate that celebrities should compete with other students to get the chance of entry colleges by fair means.

因此,我反对大学为名人降低入学要求因为对学生和社会会造成负面影响。我认为名人应该与其他学生公平竞争获得进入大学的机会。名人代言广告之我见 My View on the Ad Done by Celebrity

Turning on the TV, we can see numerous advertisements done by thecelebrities including the film stars, singers and so on. Some people believe itis worth the efforts because they think what the stars have said in the ads aretrue and convincing while some other people worry that the information in theads may be misleading to the consumers. So far as I am concerned, theadvertisements done by the celebrities should be limited.


First of all, the celebrities, while receiving the handsome pay foradvocating some products, should be responsible for what they have said in theads for the credibility is priceless. We have heard of some cases about thefalse information in the ads and a number of stars have been accused by thecustomers for their misdeeds. What is more, the customers should become carefuland critical about the information they see in TV. It does no harm to thinktwice before buying the products advertised by the stars. Finally, thegovernment needs to tighten the control over the broadcasting of theadvertisement.


To sum up, the stars should be responsible when doing the advertisementand in the mean time, the consumers should be careful when shopping.


中国人的名字 Chinese Names

 Chinese Names


Chinese people usually have two word or three word names: the family name, a middle name and the last name.

Family names always come tirst. For example, my full name is Bai Junwei. Bai is my family name. Junwei is my given name. But some Chinese people don't have the middle name. For example, a man called Zhou Jian. Zhou is his family name,and Jian is his given name.
People often use Mr. , Mrs. , or Miss before their family names, but never before.their given names. So you can say "Mr. Zhou", but you could never say "Mr.Jian".

Chinese names are different from English names. In England, the last name is the family name. The first and the middle name is tile given name. For example,there is a man called Jim Henry Brown. Brown is his family name. Jim Henry is his given name. Another difference between~ E.nglish and Chinese names is that in China, the younger people's names shouldn't be the same as the elder's in the family.For example, my grandpa's name is Guo Dong, so i can't be called Guo Dong again.This shows that we respect the old people.

中国人的名字与英国人的名字不同。在英国,最后一个字是姓,第一个和第二个是名字。例如:有个人叫Jim HenryBrown,Brown是他的姓,JimHenry是他的名字。英文和中文名字的另一个不同之处是:在中国,年轻人一般不能取和老人一样的名字。例如:我的外公叫郭冬,而我不能再叫郭冬,这是对老人的尊重。
In the family, people usually call me Weiwei for short. This is because it is shorter and easier than Bai Junwei, and it also they love me. In one word, Chinese names are quite different from English names.


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