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我的大事记 My Timeline

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我的“大事记” My Timeline

Hello,everyone! My name is Zhang Yiru. My English name is Sue. Now, I’m a Grade 6student, studying in Tangjialing primary school. My hometown is Henan. It’sfamous for the Shaolin Temple. I love my hometown very much. When I was threeyears old, I went to kindergarten. I had many friends there. I visited toSichuan with my mother when I was five. We went there by train. It was a longjourney. Sichuan it’s in the south of China. It’s famous for Mount Emei. Ibought some souvenirs there. I had a good time. Luckily, when I was 7 yearsold, I had a chance to go to Russia. Russia is in the Asia and Europe. It’sfamous for the Red Square. It’s the biggest country in the world. It’sbeautiful. Now I’m 11 years old, my dream is become an English teacher. If I couldbe a teacher in the future, I will try my best to teach my students. That’s all.Thank you.

大家好!我叫张一茹。我的英文名字是苏。 我现在是一个6年级的学生,在唐家岭小学学习。我的家乡在河南。河南以少林寺而闻名。 我非常爱我的家乡。当我三岁的时候就去上幼儿园。我有很多朋友。在我五岁的时候我和我妈妈去四川玩。我们坐火车去那里。这是一个漫长的旅程。四川在中国的南部。以峨眉山而闻名。我买了一些纪念品。我玩得很开心。幸运的是,在我7岁的时候,我有机会去了俄罗斯。俄罗斯在亚洲和欧洲中间。它以红场而出名。它是世界上最大的国家。它很美丽。我现在11岁了,我的梦想是成为一名英语老师。如果将来我能成为一名老师,我会尽我最大的努力去教我的学生。就这样了,谢谢。

我的爱好——唱歌 My Hobby – Singing

Ienjoy singing very much. While singing, my heart as well as my body is joyful.When I'm happy, I often sing out to share my happiness with others. I also singout to pour out my bad feelings when I'm upset.


Ilike pop music most, because I want to follow the trend. I prefer soft music torock music. Since we may be very tired after a long day's work, we need a restvery much. Perhaps soft music is the best recreation for us. My favorite popstars are JJ and Jay Chou. They always make a wonderful performance on thestage. Their songs are so charming. I admire them very much.


Inmy spare time, I often sing a song to others. Everyone is so happy to be mylistener, because I'm very brave and confident. Even though I couldn't be aprofessional singer, I can still get a lot of good fun from singing. Because ofsinging, my life becomes more colorful.


我喜欢的季节 My Favorite Season—Spring

Springis my favorite season. In spring days, everything comes out. While you arewalking outside, your eyes will be filled with green.


Inspring days, our world is a sunny place, which is covered with green trees andcolorful flowers, so it can be described as a paradise. Especially when you arein the countryside, you can see green mountains, vast fields, clean streams,and all the living creatures, coexisting harmoniously. All of them make up themost beautiful picture in the world.


Inspring days, the sun shines brightly, and there's also some pleasant breeze. Sohow charming it is while feeling the spring wind blow us. It's also wonderfulto enjoy the beautiful sunshine. You will also get a lot of refreshments whilehaving a walk outside.


Ihope we can enjoy the life of spring every day.


我最喜欢的课程——英语 My Favorite Subject---English

Ilike English most, because English is so popular these days. As far as I’mconcerned, English is a well-known international language. If I could speakEnglish well, I would be able to communicate with the people all over theworld.


Nowadays,English is widely used in news, business, communication and tourism. Especiallyafter China enters WTO, our country needs more genius who is good at English.Mastering English can help us find more job opportunities.


What’smore, some English speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, America andCanada are very beautiful. I want to travel to these countries very much. So Imust learn English well.


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