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一件难忘的事 An Unforgettable Thing

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一件难忘的事 An Unforgettable Thing

When I was alittle child, I was so naughty that I always did something angry my parents. Theyalways blamed to me, but I never listened to them. I thought they were toostrict with me. But I changed in someday. My parents always told me to becareful when I went out. However, all I thought was they worried too much. Onmy way to take the bus home, there was a traffic light. That day, when I got tothe cross road, the light was red, but there was no car crossed the roadanymore. So I went across the road without the light turning to green. At thismoment, a car rushed quickly towards me. I was suddenly scared, so that Icouldn’t move but stood still. Luckily, the driver broke the car quickly and Idid not get hurt. But I did scared. I couldn’t image what would happen if thecar did not stop in time. I told my parents what I experienced. At first, theyblamed me as usual and I knew I was wrong that time. Therefore, I did not sayanything. They realized that I was frightened, so they comforted me patiently. Ifinally knew that all they said and done was good to me. After that, I was muchmore careful and I listened to my parents.


学校里一件难忘的事An Unforgettable Thing in School

One of my roommate often talk when he sleeps. He talked about allkinds of things.For example ,last night, I had a hard jod to fall asleep.I read a novel to make my eyes feel sleepy.When I was concentrated to thestory ,I heard he said:"how much do you want?" It sounds like he wasarguing a price with somebody , I was very strange ,so I asked:" Are youawake?what are you talking about?" there was not reply . At that time , hebegain to talk agin:"OK, OK."It was the first time I heart him talk,so I did afraid of that and unforgettable.


一件难忘的事 An Unforgettable Thing

I’m a girl at the age of twelve and ingrade six. As our grade six students have to attend the secondary schoolentrance exam a year later, we have to go to school to take part in the self-studyat night. Considering the distance of my home to school, my father decided toteach me ride bikes.


It was a Saturday morning. My father toldthe key point to ride a bike at first. It was be brave and look forward insteadof looking the wheels. My father held me and the bike firmly and then I rideit. Though I was afraid, I feel safe with my father around me. A few hourslater, I can ride it without my father’s help. I was so happy, but my fatherwas covered with sweat. I never fell off the bike with his protection. Watchingmy sweating father, I can feel his love for me.


Learning to ride a bike is such a memerablething that I’ m only master it but also understand the love of my father.


暑假难忘的一件事 An Unforgettable Thing in Summer Holiday

July 2 is my grand father's birthday.  On that day, all of my families will get together to celebrate his birthday. This year was the same. My uncles and aunt came back from other cities. It was so alive that my grand parents were very happy. This year, I made a surprise for my grand father. I cooked a dish for him. As I never cooked before, he was so surprised as well as exciting. My grand father said that it was the best birthday gift he received. I was glad to make grand father happy. Actually, I had practiced for several days before that day. My mum was my cooking teacher.  She supported me to prepare this gift to grand father.


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