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大学生应不应该允许结婚? Whether College Students Should Be

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大学生应不应该允许结婚? Whether College Students Should Be Allowed to Get Married

Nowadays, college marriage has increasinglybecome a public concern as more and more married students appear in campus. Manypeople hold that college students should be allowed to get married while somedon’t approve.


Those who are in favor of college marriagepoint out that getting married is a basic right of human beings. In addition,they argue that getting married can meet the biological and emotional needs andthat will make great contribution to study.


However, those who stand in the oppositeside figure out that school is a place to study but not to get married or be inlove. And students who get married in college will bring some bad effects totheir studies. Furthermore, college marriage will bring more difficulties forcampus spirit development. What’s more, if the marriage is broken, they wouldbe hurt in both physical and mental.


As far as I am concerned, college studentsshould not be allowed to get married too early. For one thing, most collegesstudents are not mature enough to deal with the relationship in marriage. Foranother, most students are financially unable to establish their home. 


贝克汉姆造访同济大学发生踩踏事故 致多人受伤Beckham Visited Tongji University Causing Stampede Accident

Beckham visit Tongji University on June 20th. He is scheduled to Tongji Universityplayground to interact with Tongji team and Shen Xin youth team. However, thescene has been out of control before it starts because there are huge crowds offans there, some climb trees, some turn on the wall, and the guards maintainorder hand in hand. As the onlookers at the scene are too excited, there happensstampede. Students, staff and police are injured to varying degrees. As aresult, the activity is forced to cancel. David Beckham arriving there to left isless than five minutes. According to reports, there are at least five or sixpeople injured.


David Beckham arrives at the scene, with great popularity.The reporter at the scene sees the scene is packed with fans and audience. Thereare about a thousand people. Many people climb to the top of the building towatch, or climb over the wall to the stadium. The scene is out of control.


David Beckhamresponds to the iccident through Xinlang blog in4:39 p.m. I had an incredible response from everyone at Shanghai TongjiUniversity today; sorry I couldn't get out on the pitch to see the teams .Itwas impossible to get through the massive crowds. I heard there were a fewinjuries, hope the fans are ok and I wish them a speed recovery.


提高大学生的心理健康 How to Improve Student’s Mental Health

Moreand more people has begun to consider their mental health that plays animportant role in our daily life. Nowadays ,many students suffer from mentalillness ,which seriously influence on their study and daily life.


Consequently,schools should take effect measures to solve this problem. The mental healthconsul department should be built in school to help those students who sufferfrom mental illness. In this way, those who are subjected to the mental illnesscan get rid of the unhealthy shadow and build up their confident. On the onehand, school can provide a chance for students to show their tension. On theother hand, president and teachers should try their best to help those students.In addition, giving more concentration on their physical health would help themto rebuild their mental health.


Fromwhat has been mentioned above, as students, we should try our best tocommunicate with our, friends, parents or teachers. Last but not the least; weshould not hesitate to go to the mental health consult room for help when wehave trouble in mental illness. Only in this way, can we reduce our mental illness,and we will become a strong and confident person in the end.


大学生社会实践 Social Practice of College Students

Nowadays,social practice has been brought to great concern among colleges anduniversities increasingly. During summer or winter holiday, college studentsare encouraged and organized to participate in all kinds of social practiceactivities, such as part-time jobs, volunteering teaching and fieldwork.


Thereis no doubt that students can benefit a lot from social practice activities.First, they are provided with more chances and opportunities to contact withour real society and broaden their horizon. Second, it is a good chance forthem to apply their theory knowledge to practice and improve their ability. Third,students can enjoy the happiness of work and realize their value.


However,there are also some things needed to be noticed in the process of taking partin social practice activities. For example, students should take care ofthemselves well and interchange labor and repose during the work. In addition,they should not ignore their studies when they are working.


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