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一则口头通知 An Announcement

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一则口头通知 An Announcement

Attention please, everyone:

About twenty Japanese students will come to our school for a visit on September 15th. We will meet at the school gate at 9:00 A.M., and give them a warm welcome when they arrive at 9:15. Then we will take them to the reception room. After a get together there, we will show them around the school, the library, the labs building, the teaching building and the school factory. At 11:30, we are going to have lunch with the Japanese students in the dining hall. In the afternoon, they will have classes with us. They all can speak a little Chinese, so that we can have some simple communications. At night, we will held a small party for them. We have prepared some shows and so do they. I am sure it will be very wonderful. The Japanese students will leave and come back to their hotel at about 22:00 P.M. That's all. Thank you.


一则头口通知 A Verbal Notice

Attention, please!This Friday night, we will have a class meeting from 7:30 to 8:30. We willchoose the new class leaders. It’s a good chance for you to serve this class. Ihope all of you can take part in it. And, we will have a speech for twominutes. Please prepare for it. That’s all. Good luck.

一则口头通知 A Verbal Notice

Hello, everyone! MayI have your attention, please? We will have an outing this weekend, and we willgo to the People’s Park to have a picnic. Please prepare your food and snacksbefore Saturday. I will go to the market to buy some on Friday. We will gothere by bus at 8:30. Please gather together at the school gate at a quarter passeight. That’s all. Thank you!


一则口头通知 An Announcement

Hi, boys and girls, may I have your attention, please! Ihave an announcement to make.


The summer holiday is just around the corner. As I know,all of you work very hard during school time, so you should take a good restduring the holiday.  And I hope you can tryto help your parents with housework. What’s more, keep studying some newknowledge every day and get prepared for next term. Besides, please payattention to your health, so I suggest you doing exercises every day if you can.And finally, pay attention to safety while playing outside and get home ontime. By the way, please write a diary to remember your life in holidays if youthink it’s worth of.


That’s all. Thank you for your attention.


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