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健康的饮食习惯 Healthy Eating Habits

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健康的饮食习惯 Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating habits are very important for our health. We should build healthy eating habits. We should eat fresh vegetables and fruits everyday.They supply rich and the necessary vitamins for us. We also should eat less meat everday.And we had better drink a glass of milk in the morning or at night. Besides, we should focus on abalanced diet, which assures us the necessary nutritions. Junk food is a fatal killer for our health so that we should stay far from them. It is said that most of students do not eat anything at all in the morning. It is very bad for our health. Breakfast is the most important meal for people.


提高大学生的心理健康 How to Improve Student’s Mental Health

Moreand more people has begun to consider their mental health that plays animportant role in our daily life. Nowadays ,many students suffer from mentalillness ,which seriously influence on their study and daily life.


Consequently,schools should take effect measures to solve this problem. The mental healthconsul department should be built in school to help those students who sufferfrom mental illness. In this way, those who are subjected to the mental illnesscan get rid of the unhealthy shadow and build up their confident. On the onehand, school can provide a chance for students to show their tension. On theother hand, president and teachers should try their best to help those students.In addition, giving more concentration on their physical health would help themto rebuild their mental health.


Fromwhat has been mentioned above, as students, we should try our best tocommunicate with our, friends, parents or teachers. Last but not the least; weshould not hesitate to go to the mental health consult room for help when wehave trouble in mental illness. Only in this way, can we reduce our mental illness,and we will become a strong and confident person in the end.


保持健康的最佳途径 The Best Way to Stay Healthy

As the saying goes, “health ishappiness”, people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of healthnowadays. And people have various ways to keep healthy. In my point of theview, I consent that doing some exercise every day is the best way to stayhealthy.


People should never ignore theeffect exercise has on them. First, doing exercise can release our pressure andreduce our annoyance. When we are doing some exercise, we will find that wewill not concern more about these unpleased things and be full of spirit andenergy. Especially, after doing exercise, we usually find that we will becalmer and have idea to deal with some troubles. Thus, doing exercise isbeneficial of our mental health. Second, doing exercise regularly is good forretaining body functions. As the saying goes, “life lies in movement”, doingexercise every day will be conducive to keep our body and mental active andkeep us from diseases. Finally, doing exercise is a good way to keep track withothers and develop our ability in dealing with interpersonal communication. Bytouching with others, we can understand ourselves better.


Therefore, I am in favor of thatdoing exercise is the best way to stay healthy in that we can get a lot ofbenefits from doing exercise in many aspects.


保持健康的方法 Suggestions to Keep Healthy

Here are some suggestions to keep healthy. Firstly,we should keep a good mood. Keeping a good mood can make us healthy andwealthy. Secondly, we should have enough sleep every day. Don't stay up late atnight and get up early in the morning. Thirdly, we should develop a good eatinghabit, namely eating more fresh fruits and green vegetables, less meat and nojunk food. Besides, make sure that eat at regular intervals. In addition, weshould change our clothes as the season goes. What’s more, when we are at home,we should open the windows to keep the air clean. Last but not least, do theexercise every day to strengthen our health. Do please pay attention to thesepoints, keeping a healthy body.


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