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使用iPad对青少年的影响 Impact of Using Ipad on Teenagers

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使用iPad对青少年的影响 Impact of Using Ipad on Teenagers

Ipad is a fashionable product. Many people are crazy about it, including the youngsters. It seems cool to have an Ipad. But, it's really good to the youngsters?


Ipad has various functions. It is diverse and it's easier to carry than the computer. As to study, it makes learning easy, funny and interesting. It's able to broaden students' knowledge. However, its disadvantages seem obvious,too. People can play games and search the Internet by Ipad, so some students may be addicted to the games, which will do harm to their study. Furthermore, the Ipad is not cheap that it would make students compare to others. Students may feel proud to have an Ipad.


All in all, Ipad is a high-tech product. No matter who should use it properly.


学生使用信用卡 Credit Cards on Campus

Nowadays, credit cards have beenincreasingly popular on campus in that banks are growingly paying theirattention to students and laying out various policies to cater for students’need. People hold different views towards students’ owning credit cards. As faras I am concerned, it is necessary for students to keep credit cards.


There are reasons accounting for my view.For one thing, it is convenient for students to deal with various financialmatters. Students can use their credit cards to pay their tuition fees andother fares and that is safer than pocket a large sum of money go everywhere.For another, using credit cards is a good way to teach students to improvetheir ability in managing their money and form good habit in spending money.For instance, students who receive their pocket money at the beginning of themonth have to make a plan to spend their money before they consume with thecredit cards, so that they will not suffer from lacking of money at the end ofthe month. In addition, the overdrawing function of the credit cards provides achance for those students who cannot afford their tuition fees to continue toreceive their education.


Although some students overdrawtheir money from their credit cards to buy luxurious and unnecessary thingsthat will increase their family financial burden, I consider that theadvantages far outweigh its disadvantages.


Thus, I consider that it is necessary forstudents to use credit cards. Besides, they also should be taught to use itproperly and form a correct notion of consume.


互联网的使用My View on the Internet

Alongwith the fast development of advanced science and technology, the Internet hasbeen an essential part in people’s lives. However, as to whether it is ablessing or a curse, people take different opinions towards it with thewidespread use of the Internet.


Onone hand, those who have already benefited from its practicing sing highly ofit. They claim that the Internet has improved their efficiency in study andwork a lot. They can search the resources they need on the Internet and thereis no need to go out to examine on the spot each time. In addition, the Internetcontributes a lot to long-distance communication and interaction, and thatsaves more time for their study and business.


However,every coin has two sides. There are a number of people argue that using the Internethas given rise many problems to their lives, and let me cite student as anexample. For one thing, the matters on the Internet are so various anddisordered that students are easy to be attracted by other matters which is notgood for them. And that will waste much time and even bring harm to them. Foranother, all kinds of network games are a great lure and harm to students.Those who are addicted to network games are easy to be lured away from theirstudies.


Fromwhat has been discussed above, I am inclined to support the former view becauseI convince that the advantages of the internet far weigh the disadvantages.Meanwhile, I also advocate that we should avoid its disadvantages as much aspossible as well as use it in the right way.


限制塑料袋的使用Limiting the Use of Disposable Plastic Bags

Plasticbag was once called as the most useful invention in the 20th century and it wasdisposable in our country in the past few years.


However,in recent years, as the excessive use of plastic bag has brought a greatpollution to our environment, our country has established and carried out aseries of relevant regulations to limit the use of it. Since then mostsupermarkets have not provided free plastic bags when we are shopping.


Inmy opinion, limiting the use of disposable plastic bags is a significant andmeaningful measure or policy to decrease environmental pollution as well assave social resources. And it also illustrates that our nation have realizedthe importance of environmental protection. Hence, it is really necessary andimportant to keep carrying out this measure or policy so that our nation andeven the whole world can achieve sustainable development.


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