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诚实 Honesty

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诚实 Honesty

Honesty is one of the most valuable personalities of human. Only honesty makes people accepted and trusted by others. Besides, dishonesty does great harm to people. The most classic example is the Cry Wolf, a story about a boy. He paid great price for his dishonesty. There is a say that trust is like a piece of paper, and wrinkles ease also can't restore it the way it was. It suggests that once you treat the other, it's hardly for you to get his trust again. Therefore, let's be honest in daily life.


诚实 Honesty

Recently, I have seen an impressive film—“Meet theParents”, which is about a woman Palm brought her boyfriend Greg to herparents’ home to spend holiday. In the film, Greg was so dishonest to Palm’sparents that Palm’s father is suspicious of his behavior and quality. As aresult, Greg is obnoxious to all and has to leave. As far as I am concerned,the consequence is heavily caused by his dishonesty. If Greg could be real himall the time, he would get much respect and appreciation and would not get muchfrustration. From the film, I have learned that being honest was extremelyimportant and necessary. In other words, being honest is a basic principle forus to deal with others.


For one thing, we will not get others’ trust unless weare honest. If we deceive others, we would get the same in return, and even noone would make friends with us or even communicate with us. For another, wewill get others’ respect and appreciation if telling the truth. Telling thetruth and being ourselves, we will get a healthy and peaceful surrounding togrow up better.


However, something strange happens in our society.There is a strange phenomenon that honest people suffer but the dishonestbenefit a lot. It made some people have a suspicion that being honest is not soimportant.


But I still believe that these are just a few cases,since honesty is deeply rooted in our minds and we still consider it as a basicprinciple in social contacts.


诚实之我见 My View on Honesty

Honesty is a long-lasting virtue of people and is regarded as the most important quality. People give admiration to those people who are honest, while hate those who often tell lies. However, some people say that in market economy, honesty tends to be less important. But in my point of view, honesty will never be out of date no matter how the situation changes. 


Firstly, honesty is always the mainstream in our society and those people who are sincere are respected. On the contrast, the dishonest will be excluded by others. Secondly, no matter in the daily life or in business, people would like to build relationships with the honest. Honesty is the basis of true friendship. In the business, those who make money at the cost of honesty certainly will pay the price in someday. Finally, honesty should become part of our personality that we should treat it as the most valuable fortune of ours. It may not brings you material benefit, but you spirit must be rich.


In short, honesty is an important quality that should deeply root in everyone's heart.


It Pays to Be Honest做人应该诚实             Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic It Pays to Be Honest. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:1.当前社会上存在许多不诚实的现象;2.诚实利人利己,做人应该诚实。It Pays to Be Honest
            Although honesty is believed to be a virtue, there are still dishonest people in our society. For example, some businessmen sell fake products to their consumers; some students cheat on exams; some applicants find jobs by using fake diplomas; some people tell lies to avoid responsibility or avoid being punished.
            Dishonest people are short sighted. What they do brings harm not only to others but also to themselves. Those who sell fake products may make money at first, but once they were found out, no one will buy their products any more. Asaresult, they will lose their fortune. What is more, they will even be sent to prison. In contrast, honest people gain a lot. What they do brings benefit to others as well as to themselves. Those who always tell truth or keep to their promise can win trust and respect from their customers. Because they are trustworthy and respectable, everyone is eager to be their friend and everyone wants to buy their products. Undoubtedly, they will make a great fortune in the end.
            In a word, honesty wins trust, respect and honor. So it is important that we should be honest in whatever we do and say.
在这部分,你被允许30分钟写了关于这个专题,非常值得诚实组成。您应该至少写120字根据下面的中文:1。当前社会上存在许  英语作文 http://yingyu.0s.net.cn/201309/0920J33H013.html
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