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我和我的父母 My Parents and I

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我和我的父母 My Parents and I

Thereare three people in my family, my parents and I. We live happily together.Every morning, mother makes breakfast for us. Sometimes, it’s my father’s job. Andthen, father drives mother and me to school. My mother is an English teacher inmy school. We have lunch and dinner at home. Sometime, my father eats outside,but he would call and tell us advanced. My family is a traditional Chinese family.Father is the backbone and mother takes care of our daily lives. I don’t haveto worry about anything and all I have to do is working hard on my study. I havea happy family.


我和哥哥的历险记 The Adventure Diary Of My Brother And Me

It was sunny that day. Our parents were out, sothere were only my brother and me at home. We were bored. So we decided to goboating. We played happily. But when we went to the middle of the river, theweather changed. It rained suddenly. We didn’t bring umbrella and our boat was bambooraft. As the rain was more and heavier, we were afraid to sink in the river. Wetried our best to make our boat in shore. But our bamboo raft had more water onit. I was afraid to die. My brother was also very anxious. At that time, mymother came and she pulled us back to the ground. It was thrilling.


我和妈妈去买菜 Go to the Market with Mother

Thismorning, I got up early to go to the market with my mother. Mother said that I havegrown up and I must learn to cook. Buying foods in the market is the first stepbecause good sources are important. When we got to the market, there were manypeople. Mother chose our foods and told me how to choose good ones. Besides, Imust learn how to bargain with sellers. Actually, it was not so easy, becausethe seller wants to sell a high price but buyers want to buy goods in lowprice. Finally, we bought vegetables, meet and fishes. I learned much but I thinkI still need to learn more. Next time, I’d like to go to the market with motheragain.


我们该如何看待和应对自然灾害How Should We See The Natural Disasters?

Psychic Upheaval Caused by Natural Disasters

1. 近来,地震、海啸、泥石流等自然灾害频频光顾地球,很多人因此出现了恐慌的心理,认为地球末日可能来临。
2. 作为一名大学生,你有什么看法,且如何缓解自己的心理恐慌?


  In the past few days, there have been frequent natural disasters, namely earthquakes,mud-rock flow, tsunami, floods and so on, which killed millions upon millions of people, destroyed countless homes. Consequently, large numbers of people have suffered psychic upheaval and deemed the doomsday of earth is coming near.

  As a university student, I hope people should be aware that those disasters are not the hints of doomsday, but just retribution of our doings on earth. So as to calm psychic upheaval, we should take actions to stop damaging our home-planet, for instance, do not cut down too many trees in the forests, try to protect environment right start from daily things and make the earth a lovely place suitable to live in.


  What’s more, in case of emergencies and disasters, we should keep our head, and rely on ourselves to escape from the disasters.

第一段中涉及自然灾害的名称earthquake表示“地震”、 tsunami表示“海啸”、mud-rock flow表示“泥石流”; doomsday表示“世界末日”。
第二段中retribution表示“回报,报应”;第三段中keep one’s head表示“保持冷静”。

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