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我最好的朋友 My Best Friend

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我最好的朋友 My Best Friend

I'llnever forget the rainy day which I knew my best friend, Qiaorong

Ona rainy day, I failed in the Chinese. When I was crying quietly in the rain, Qiaorongcame and told me, “Don’t be sad, no cross no crown. Believe that where there isa will, there is a way. Cheer up! I believe you'll succeed sooner orlater." With these words, she patted me on the shoulder and took me intothe classroom. Later, the rain stopped, and I saw beautiful rainbow appear and thesun was shining. Everything became wonderful and l gave her a big smile.

Sincethen we have been the best friends. We share happiness and sorrow with eachother. We work hard together and have made great progress.

Friendshipis something we can't describe well in any language, but friendship does playan important role in our daily life and a good friend has a great influence onus.

我最好的朋友My Best Friend

I have a very good friend. His name is Philip. As far as I'm concerned, he's very kind-hearted and generous. Once I was in high school, he treated me friendly and sincerely. When I was happy, he was also happy with me. When I was sad, he always comforted me. When I was defeated, he always encouraged me. When I stumbled, he always pulled me up. Although we quarreled at times, we were still in good relationships. We could know each other better after the argument. When my birthday came, he always sent me a special present.


He's very hard-working and intelligent. He always studied hard at school. Because of his hard work, he always did very well in exams. His oral English was better than mine. Most of the time, he was willing to chat with me in English. Owing to his help, I made a lot of progress in oral English.



我最好的朋友My Best Friend

Han Mei is mybest friend. We know each other since we were born. Because we are twins. She ismy elder sisiter. Like most twin sisters, we look almost the same. The mosteasy way to to distinguish us is that she has a scar on her arm. It is myfault. When we are six years old, we played beside the stair, and then I pushedher down the stair accidently. She got hurt but not blame me at all. That isthe history of her scar. Since then our parents always recognize us with thatmark. Han Mei is better than me in study. So, sometimes I was criticized by ourmother for failing the exam, she will pretend me to receive the criticism,without making my mother see the mark. I’ m so thankful for this. So sometimes Iwill pretend her to take part in the piano class, as she is not interested init. It is so interesting to play such game.


我最好的朋友My Best Friend 我最好的朋友My Best Friend

I have manyfriends, but Jim is one of my best friends. He is not handsome, butkind-hearted. We know each other at primary school. He was the tallest in ourclass at that time. He is good at study and playing basketball, while bad atplaying table tennis. Everytime he has delicious food, he will give it to me. Moreover,whenever I feel sad, he will play with me and comfort me. However, he is notspoilt me. For example, everytime I meet difficulties in study, I would like tocopy his, but no matter what I say, he never give his homework to me to copy. Instead he teaches how to do it. All in all, nomatter what difficulties I meet, he will help me. It is him make me realize thata friend in need is a friend indeed.


 点评:be good at 和 be bad at是一对反义词,前者是擅长于做某事,后者是不擅长于做某事。spoil有溺爱的意思。a friend in need is a friend indeed是一句谚语,患难见真情。

Maybe you willsurprise that my best friend is book. But you don’t need to suspect you hearing,it’s true, book is my best friend. I like reading since I was a child. The knowledgein the book makes me feel enjoyable and peaceful. When I am unhappy, I will go tofind my best friend---book. And then I will forget the the things that make meunhappy and attract by the book’s content. From the book,  I learn the story of Helen Keller, I know thehistory in the ancient times, I also know the culture of foreign countries thatI have never been. Therefore, I think book will be my best friend forever.



Tom is my bestfriend. Who is he? He is a dog. He is a special dog. My father give him to meat my 10 year birthday. The moment I saw him, I love him. His fur is white. He isvery lovely. He knows how to make me happy. Everyday when I come back fromschool, I will play with him. He is also smart. He will drag my quilt if I sleeplate. Besides, if my clock doesn’t alarm in the morning, he will bark at me. See,he is so clever that I couldn't help loving him.


点评:sleep late 是睡懒觉的意思。couldn't help 后要接动名词表示禁不住……

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