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我们应不应该帮助陌生人? Should We Help Strangers?

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我们应不应该帮助陌生人? Should We Help Strangers?

In our daily life, most of us have the experience of helping strangers, like giving directions to a lost boy or giving our seats to an elderly lady on a bus. What a great feeling it is to see a smile on others’ faces! As an old saying goes, “Give roses to others and the lasting fragrance will remain in your hand.” Therefore, it is necessary to help others. 


However, nowadays professional cheats tend to take advantages of kind, helpful and warm-hearted people. For instance, once my grandma gave some money without hesitation to a ‘beggar’ dressed in rags, who lay on the street hoping to be pitied. But the next week, he was seen to have big dinners in restaurants and hotels. Being generous to them may bring you not pleasure but regret and anger.  


To sum up, we should be ready to help others because it makes us feel better and makes our society more harmonious. When it comes to strangers, we should be cautious in case we may put ourselves into trouble by helping them. 


我们该如何看待和应对自然灾害How Should We See The Natural Disasters?

Psychic Upheaval Caused by Natural Disasters

1. 近来,地震、海啸、泥石流等自然灾害频频光顾地球,很多人因此出现了恐慌的心理,认为地球末日可能来临。
2. 作为一名大学生,你有什么看法,且如何缓解自己的心理恐慌?


  In the past few days, there have been frequent natural disasters, namely earthquakes,mud-rock flow, tsunami, floods and so on, which killed millions upon millions of people, destroyed countless homes. Consequently, large numbers of people have suffered psychic upheaval and deemed the doomsday of earth is coming near.

  As a university student, I hope people should be aware that those disasters are not the hints of doomsday, but just retribution of our doings on earth. So as to calm psychic upheaval, we should take actions to stop damaging our home-planet, for instance, do not cut down too many trees in the forests, try to protect environment right start from daily things and make the earth a lovely place suitable to live in.


  What’s more, in case of emergencies and disasters, we should keep our head, and rely on ourselves to escape from the disasters.

第一段中涉及自然灾害的名称earthquake表示“地震”、 tsunami表示“海啸”、mud-rock flow表示“泥石流”; doomsday表示“世界末日”。
第二段中retribution表示“回报,报应”;第三段中keep one’s head表示“保持冷静”。


              whatever we are, we should do our best!

    When I was a little girl ,I dreamed to grow up. Because I think a child

doesn't has freedam,and can't do anything himself.
    But now I have grow up,to my

surprise,I feel more tired and have more surfrng.Though I can do something myself, I don't

feel happy at all.
     I believe you also have the same thoughs with me. when every us was

a child , we wanted to grow up, but when we became a older man,we don't have such nice life

as wish.
    So whatever we are children or adults, we should try to make our life better, 

and  make ourselves more happy. we should try our best to study hard,  then we can let

parents have goog life, too!
     Let's do our best to do ourself ! Believe yourself ! You

are the best!











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