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购物 Shopping

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购物 Shopping

People sayeveryone likes shopping, especially ladies. As a primary school student, I don’thave much money, but I like buying things, too. Usually, I like buying lovelynote books, colorful pens and interesting books. My parents let me buy them.They give me changes. Sometimes, I will buy some clothes and shoes, but I alwaysbuy them with my mother. In short, I like shopping, too, but I don’t have muchmoney.

关于网上购物 My View on Shopping Online

Whenit comes to online shopping, different people holds different ideas towards it.Some people seem extremely enjoy the way of buying things online because theyfeel online shopping is so convenient. Some just don’t believe that they can buygood quality commodities from Internet. As far as I’m concerned, I think onlineshopping creates lots of benefits to people.


Firstly,buying things online is a way of saving time. Compared with the traditional wayof shopping, we have no need to go out to pick up our favorite goods from storeto store. Just a click, we can have things in our shopping cart and just waitfor the goods to be delivered to us. To this extent, not only we can save thetime of finding things from store to store but we don’t need to spend time ontransportation. Thus, we can save lots of time to enjoy fun. 


Secondly,buying things online can save our money. People buy commodities by Internet notonly because it saves us time, but also, we can save lots of money. It is oftenseen that some people just go to the physical store to check out thecommodities they want to buy and then they would search for their favoritecommodities online and take the order. People do this just because they knowthat online goods are usually cheaper than the goods displayed in shop windowbecause online shop have no need to pay the rent. So, people are more inclinedto buying things from online store.


Thirdly,convenience is the last but not least thing of shopping online. Since we canbuy things online, there is no need to go out to look for things we want tobuy. What we need to do is to simply sit before our computer, search for thingswe want to buy, click our favorite thing and then pay our order by our bankcard. And then, you just need to wait for your goods to be delivered to yourhome.


Inconclusion, shopping online is a convenient, time-saving and money saving wayof buying things. Therefore, we can benefit a lot from shopping online. That’sthe reason of why shopping online has developed faster and faster in recentyears.   


我的购物经历 My Shopping Experience

OnceI was in Beijing, I went shopping in the Front Gate Walking Street, for Iwanted to buy some souvenirs for my friends.


Therewere so many things on sale that I didn't know what to buy. Suddenly, I saw twostatues which looked so beautiful. I decided to buy them. So I asked the price.“It’s twenty yuan each," said the boss. I tried to make a bargain withhim. He refused at first, but when I was going to leave, he stopped me andsaid," OK, you can have both of them at ten yuan." Therefore, Ibought both of them home at last.


Iwas very happy on that day, because it was the first time that I had made abargain with a businessman so successfully.


网上购物 Online Shopping 网上购物 Online Shopping

With the rapid development of our society, more and more people are fond of online shopping for its convenience. Online shopping has been a heated fashion. But different people have different views on this point. After all, every coin has two sides.


Online shopping has advantages as well as disadvantages. Firstly, nowadays, the Internet has become a must. As convenient as it is, people depend on online shopping as it caters for those who are busy with work or other things. And it can help us save much money, which is cheaper than what we buy in the physical store. What’s more, it contributes the Internet to the further development.


However, it is also a risk of online shopping as we pay the bill online by our credit cards, we may be cheated by the dishonest shoppers. Sometimes the quality of what we buy online is much worse than we could imagine.


In my opinion, when we are shopping online, we should keep wise to prevent us from treating. And we’ll find that online shopping has advantages over disadvantages.


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