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How I Learn English 我如何学英语

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How I Learn English 我如何学英语

My mother is ateacher. She teaches English in primary school. So, I started to learn English whenI was little. At first, I learn to name the things of my home, such as bed,door, sofa, window and so on, and then to animals or things outside. After that,I learn some simple sentences. My mother likes talking with me in English. At first,it was hard, but it becomes easier. I like English very much, so I want tolearn it well.

家乡的变化 Changes in My Hometown

Myhome town is in the center of Xuzhou which was a quiet and beautiful place. Inthe past, there were many animals. They were lovely and nice. The air was freshand there were many birds fly in the sky.


Overthe past years, it has changed a lot. At the present, it becomes a modern town and developsa lot. Now, the people in Xuzhou are richer than before, so most of people goto work by bus or by underground. Sometimes, they also drive their private carsto work. Many people sell out their old houses and move into new flats.


Insome ways, the development has brought some good things, but it has also causesmuch environment pollution. I think we should take action to reduce thepollution.


大学学习是否无益 Whether College Study Is Useless

Manypeople, including some college students hold the opinion that it’s no use tocome to college which is a waste of time. Students cannot learn what they needin their future work. So why do we study hard for the college entranceexamination and get to a better the college?


It’sa common phenomenon that students consider the college entrance examination astheir destination in learning career. They don’t pay much attention to theircollege study. So do I. I couldn't fall asleep the night when the collegeentrance examination was over. I didn’t know what I should do tomorrow. Mainlybecause I was told that college life is relaxed.   


However,obviously, you can choose a hardworking life which makes your life in collegemore meaningful. You can do a part time job in your spare time, you can joinsome associations, or you can study hard in one field, which can benefit toyou. Don’t forget to make full use of library that is the most beautifulscenery in college.


Bea brilliant person. Choose a college life which can help you grow up and withno regret. Certainly, to that kind of students, college study is necessary.


工作于我的意义 What Work Means to Me

Workmeans a lot to me. I think work is funny. I guess everyone has thought aboutthat work is hard and boring, but I don’t think so. Everything includes fun ifyou put your heart into it and enjoy the process. In work, there must besomething that makes you laugh, such as your partner does something funny outof your expectation.


Inmy opinion, as long as I am still alive, work can perfect my shortages. Throughworking, I will encounter with many different problems which force me to solvethem .Just in this process, I overcome the difficulties and broaden my horizon.And the next time, I won’t be nervous when facing the same problem and maybe Iwill face all problems composedly.


Workis also one thing that makes my life meaningful. As we all know, our life timeis not so much, so we must make full use of it. How can we make it  meaningful but not boring? Many friends have told me that they were bored and didn't knowwhat to do. I always tell them that do something you want as your life time isso short. Maybe we all should ask ourselves that why not use our limited timeto spread our brilliant life.


Ina word, work is vital in my life.


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