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高中生是否应该兼职?Whether Should High School Students Take

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高中生是否应该兼职?Whether Should High School Students Take A Part-time Job?

Moreand more high school students go to find part-time jobs to earn money tosupport themselves. People have different opinions about this phenomenon.

Ithas advantages as some people consider it can help students become independentand reduce the economic burdens on their parents. And it can improve theirsocial communication skills. The students can practice what they learn atschool in part-time jobs

Butit still has some disadvantages, if a student spends too much time doingpart-time job, he or she will certainly fail to concentrate on study. And sometimestheir jobs have nothing to do with what they learn in school. Besides, theirearly contact with society adds greater worries to their parents.

Inmy mind, students at high school should focus on their study with all theirhearts. Remember study is first and part-time jobs second.

高中生活 High School Life

According to my memory, my high school life was full of happiness and fortune because of my lovely friend and teacher. They are sunshine in my high school life.


I met my best friend in senior one. She is a girl with long legs, white skin, and small face. What makes me a deep impression is her wide shoulder, wider than other girls who have the same height as her. She was kind, treating me just like I was her sister. I didn’t live in school dormitory, but she did. So, I slept with her at noon. Sometimes we argued, but we both checked our mistakes and recovered our relationship soon. When we were senior two, I moved in school dormitory, I didn’t feel comfortable in there very fast. She took care of me and made me feel warm. In my opinion, she is more than a friend, like a family.


As for my teachers, my chemistry teacher is my favorite teacher. She is a woman with sweet smile, not so tall, but she built a tall imagination in my heart. I used to chat with her result from my failure in the exam. She is a divorced woman; however, she was steel, living a happy life with her daughter. I appreciate people with a strong heart, maybe the reason is that I want to be the kind of person who is always optimistic and can’t be defeated easily. She expresses that.


The high school memory is a valuable memory in my life. It’s my fortune to meet them, my sunshine.



高中生活的第一天 The First Day in High School

Today was the first day of my new life. I looked at mynew books and checked everything for the new school year. I was excited as wellas worried.


Entering new school, I was curious about everything, newclassrooms, new teachers, new classmates etc. It would be a new start for each student.And what I was worried about is that I had no friends here. I wondered if noliked to play with me. Were the teachers strict with students?


I fell relaxed when the teacher asked me, ''What elsecould I help you, freshman?". I found that the teachers were kind and polite,and the classmates around me were friendly. While I was thinking about how toget on well with my classmates, my desk mate showed me his favorite Ipad4s. Hewanted to play with me, but I didn't know how to play, so he taught mepatiently, and we played happily.


Worries have gone, and happiness is coming.


高中生活 High School Life

Generallyspeaking, life in high school is busy and fulfilling, due to the ultimategoal---College Entrance Examination. Many people say that there is no fun leftbut bored study and endless exercises. However, as a high school student, I can’tagree with them. Personally, I live a fruitful but happy life in high school. Itcan’t be denied that study is my priority that I must spend most of my time andenergy on it. Sometimes, study may make me frustrated or even drive me crazy, butI still can adjust my mood to enjoy my life. Besides, I can also get a sense ofachievement when I do well in my study or make progress. The most important isthat my friends bring much happiness to me and my parents’ care inspires me togo on. I think friends in high school are my best friend forever, because theyknow me a lot and witness all of my emotions. They are the persons who grow withme. In addition, teachers in high school care much about our students both instudy and life, and classmates are always friendly to each other. We build deepfriendship together. All of these make up my fruitful life in high school,which I will cherish forever.


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