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我的寒假生活 My Life in Winter Holiday

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我的寒假生活 My Life in Winter Holiday

Ihave a great time during the winter holiday, because I enjoy myself as well asfocus on my study. As it’s known to all, the Spring Festival is the mostimportant in winter holiday that would occupy much time to celebrate it.Therefore, I finished my homework first, so that it won’t bother my enjoymentduring the festival. I finished my home work in one week. And I went shoppingwith my parents. We bought a lot of things, especially snacks and fruits. Then,it was the Spring Festival. We had a big dinner on the New Year’s Eve. Myparents prepared the big dinner and I could only act as assistant. The dinnerwas so delicious that I ate so full. In the next several days, my parents and Ivisited our relatives and friends or they visited us. Sometimes, we went outfor fun together. We children were always the most excited. Now, holiday iscoming to the end and I will go to school soon. I am so happy that I have awonderful winter holiday.


我的寒假 My Winter Holiday

My winterholiday is coming to the end. It almost lasts a month, but I feel that I just havea week off. How time flies. I had a woderful vacation. Or I can say I had awonderful Spring Festival. The first day of my vacation, I started doing myhomework. Because I know if I didn’t work on my study now, I couldn’ t have agreat Spring Festival later on. So I made up my mind finishing my homeworkbefore Spring Festival. How wonderful the expected festival was coming. My housewas full of laugh and hapiness. My families and ralatives gave me some luckmoney and wished me make progress on my study. We also hanged out with friendson the street. When the atmosphere of Spring Festivel was fading away, theLantern Festival is coming. After that, I think I don’t have too much holiday timeleft. Two or three days later, I would go to school for my new term study. See,I was so happy that I feel I just have a week holiday.


我的寒假计划 My Plan for Winter Holiday

Howtime flies. This term ends quickly and the winter holiday is coming. I make ageneral plan for it. Firstly, my teachers leave us some homework, so I mustearnestly finish them on time. I plan to finish them before the SpringFestival, and then I can enjoy the festival with all my heart. Secondly, I willspend some time with my friends. Generally, we study together but have littletime to play. During the holiday, we want to have fun together. Finally, I willvisit my grandparents with my parents, and then we will spend the SpringFestival with them. I haven’t seen them for a long time. I miss them very much.This is my winter holiday plan. What is yours?


我的寒假 My Winter Holiday

Asa student, I expect the winter holiday very much, because I don’t have to go toschool every day. So I can sleep and get up late. But this winter holiday, I amnot very happy. I didn’t do well in the final exam. It makes my parentsdisappointed. I feel sorry to them. Besides, I got ill the whole winterholiday. I caught a cold at first and then had a fever. I had to see a doctorevery day. My parents worried much about me. Because of the illness, I didn’t havea good time during the New Year. Now, I am a little better. I hope I could bewell soon, because the new term is beginning. I don’t want to go to school withillness.


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