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给老师的一封信 A Letter to Teacher

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给老师的一封信 A Letter to Teacher

Dear Miss Liang,

I am writing tothank you for your hard work for me. With your help, I make great progress inmy study. A year ago, my study was bad and I didn’t want to learn, but younever give me up. You told me that I was clever. As long as I work hard, I wouldbe great. In this year, you cared much about my study and helped me a lot. WhenI made mistakes, you always pointed them out and helped me to correct. Now, mystudy is much better than before, and I want to express my gratitude to you.Hope you everything goes well.

Sincerely yours,





给英语老师的一封信 A Letter to My English Teacher 给英语老师的一封信 A Letter to My English Teacher

Dear Miss Zhu,


How time flies! It has been a fewyears since I left high school, but I still remember you in my heart, becauseyou’re the best teacher in my mind. It’s not only because you taught meknowledge, but also you taught me how to study. I have really benefitted a lotfrom you. So I would like to express my great thanks to you, and share my lifein college with you.


Now I’m studying in Hunan FirstNormal College, which is Chairman Mao’s former school. I major in English,because I find it so fun and interesting. As far as I’m concerned, our EnglishDepartment is the best department in our college. The teachers in ourdepartment are knowledgeable, experienced, and warm-hearted. And my classmatesare nice, friendly and helpful. Thus, I have a good atmosphere to study. When Ihave difficulties in study, I always ask my teachers for help or discuss with myclassmates. Through their help, I have made great progress in my English study.


College life is much differentfrom high school life. In college, we should acquire knowledge as well asimprove our integrated abilities. There are a lot of English classes for us tolearn, such as Basic English, Oral English, Listening, Reading, Writing,Translation, Grammar, English Literature, and so on. I enjoy these classes verymuch. Except English, we have many other subjects to learn. Life seems so busyhere but it’s so fruitful for me.


After class, I usually go to theEnglish Corner. There I can practice my oral English by talking with foreignersor chatting with my schoolmates. Now, I’m able to communicate with foreignerswell. Sometimes I also take part in some social activities. For instance, lastweekend I attended an interesting play. As it was my first performance, I felta little nervous at the beginning. But when I appeared on the stage, I madeevery audience laugh happily. I was so proud of myself at that moment, becausethis was my first achievement.


What about your present life? Ihope to hear from you soon.

At last, I hope everything goeswell with you. Please give my best regards to your family.





给老师的一封信(教师节) A Letter to Teacher

Dear MrYang,


How iseverything going! Tomorrw is Teachers’  Day.I would like to express my sincerely wishes to you. You taught me English inthe primary school. That is the time to lay our foundation. And you help me laymy interest on English, which make me feel learn English easily in middleschool. I’m very appreciated that. Thank you very much. If it is convenient foryou, I would like to visit you this National Day. Happy Teachers’ Day again.

一切可好!明天就是教师节了。 我相向你表达我衷心的祝福。你在我小学的时候教我英语。那是打基础的时候。 是你让我对英语感兴趣。这让我在初中学习英语变得容易多了。我很感激。非常感谢你。如果方便的话,我想在今年国庆节去拜访你。再次祝你教师节快乐。

Best wishes,



给老师的一封信 A Letter to the Teacher

DearMs. Fu,


Iwould like you to know that I appreciate the help and support you gave to mewhen I was in junior high school. I enjoyed being taught by you immensely. Youare an excellent teacher and inspired me to continue learning with an open andpositive mind.


Iwould like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to you for teaching me what is responsibility. You helped me how to find the best place for myself and look forthe personal values. I remember you gave me a book as a present of the SpringFestival. You are the first teacher who gave me a present which I was moved fora long time.


Iwould further say that you gave me so good memories that I wish I could go backto that time again. It was you who encouraged me to overcome obstacles. It wasyou who cared about my emotions. I appreciate all you have done for me, whichmeant so much to me. I hope that this letter brings my best wishes to you and Ionce again thank you for giving me those precious memories of my life, which Ishall cherish forever.


Sincerely yours,


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