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考试作弊之我见 My View on Cheating in Exam

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考试作弊之我见 My View on Cheating in Exam

Asstudents, we all want to get high scores in exams, which requires us trying ourbest to work. However, some students do not work hard in usual but they stillexpect good performance. Therefore, some of them choose to cheat in exams. I don’tthink it’s a good way. Firstly, it’s not right to cheat, which is a personalquality problem. Secondly, scores do not mean everything. Although you get higherscores by cheating, you can’t get knowledge. Finally, cheating will have a badimpact on you. Teachers and students may look at in different views. Therefore,I don’t agree to cheat in exams. We all should be honest.


考试作弊之我见 My View on Cheating in Exam

At present, a growing number of middle school students have picked up a bad habit-cheating in examinations. According to my observation, there are the following reasons. Firstly, there are too much exams, some of them are too difficult. Secondly, some students do not work hard in daily life. When the exams come, they choose to cheat. Thirdly, some of them spend too much time in playing games or surfing the Internet, so they don't have enough time to prepare for the exams. Finally, they want to get high scores in exams so that make teachers and parents happy.


In my point of view, cheating in exams is such a bad habit that causes harm to students. I think honest is one of the most important characters of a student. Besides, hard-working is the only way to get high scores in exams. Last, I think schools should reduce exams and offer more time to students for their self-studies.


考试缺贬诚信作弊问题The problems of Cheating On Exams

The problems of Cheating On Exams


It never be explained why so many students on campus cheat in their examinations nowadays, regardless of the danger that teachers find their secret, as it did in the case of the boy student in the cartoon/photo above. What is conveyed in the drawing is most thought-provoking and should arouse our social concern.


The implied meaning of the picture is worth discussing. Firstly, the youngs always become quite illogical when they try to descide what can be done and what can not be done. In the light of this statement, some students are often willing to sacrifice their credibility for the privillage of getting more points and being regarded as outstanding students. Furthermore, some one is afired that he can\’t pass the final exams leading to his degree, in the fruit of being absorbed into computer games or disappointment in love. Consequently, only by cheating can they graduate and get the degree on time. Although many reasons share the problem of this drawing, one of them can be singled out for recognition: the conditions of our sociaty. Such is human nature, that we can\’t avoid being influenced by environment. In short, the root of cheating in examinations and credibilililess on campus is combinition of many factors.


There is no blinding at the fact that, in dealing with a challenge on such scale, some strong, effective and necessary counter-measures should be put on our agenda. To the begin with, a widespread education campaign should be launched to make students realize the importance of credibility. What\’s more, the government departments at different levels and related orgnizations should make joint efforts and coordination of programs to creat a more credit environment for us. Only by this package deal, can build up a harmonious and healthy society.


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