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怎样学好英语 How to Learn English Well

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怎样学好英语 How to Learn English Well

Two years ago, I startedto learn English. At first, I think it is difficult, but my teacher taught me somegood ways. First, remember new words as much as possible. When you seesomething, you can use English words to name it. Using the pronunciation to remembernew words is a good way. Second, read the words or sentence loudly. It will strengthenyour memory, so that you can remember words or sentence quickly. Third, listento the tape. Listening is the basic of English learning, so it’s important. Theseare some good ways to learn English. I hope they can be useful to you.



怎样学好英语 How to Learn English Well?

Moststudents find it difficult to learn English, because they don't find the good ways. In order to pass the exams, they always learn English by learningthe grammar rules and vocabularies by heart. I don't think it's a good way tolearn English. In my opinion, if we want to learn English well, we shouldalways think in English, speak in English and write in English. While speakingEnglish, we should come out of our shells. Don't be shy or afraid of making anymistakes, since others won't care about the mistakes. The more we practice, thebetter our oral English will be. Just as saying goes, practice makes perfect.


What'smore, most students always remember the new words by writing them again andagain on the paper. It isn't a good way, either. Here is my advice that we shouldlearn the new words by reading, or use the new words to make sentences.


Lastbut not the least, we had better remember some useful expressions and languagepoints, because it can help us to form a sense of language. As long as we havethe sense of language, we will find listening, speaking, reading and writing areno longer difficult.


怎样改善学生心理健康 How to Improve Student’s Mental Health

Withthe occurrence of many incidents caused by mental problem, student’s mentalhealth has been brought to public focus now. How to improve student’s mentalhealth? As far as I am concerned, it is necessary for each school to set up amental guide room made up of psychological experts.


Thereare reasons accounting for my view. For one thing, the mental guide room canoffer some methods or advices for all students to release their pressure,puzzle, frustration and other emotions at ordinary times. That would be helpfulto decrease student’s pressure and adjust their mood. For another, the room isconducive for the experts to communicate with those students who are sufferingfrom psychological problems in time and give some advice or methods to helpthem. If the experts of the room can make some quizzes on regular basis, thosestudents suffering from mental disturbance would be noticed as soon aspossible.


Takingabove reasons into account, we can reach a conclusion that a mental guide roomis beneficial of improving student’s mental health. Meantime, I remind thatthose who are suffering from mental problem should not be informed publicly inorder to protect them from public pressure.


怎样成功学习一门语言 How to Learn a Language Successfully?

Some people seem to have a gift for learning languages.They pick up new words, master rules or grammar and learn to write in the newlanguage more quickly than others. They do not seem to be more intelligent thanothers, so what makes language learning so much easier for them?

First of all, successful language learners are independent learners. They donot depend on the book or the teacher; they discover their own way to learn thelanguage. Instead of waiting for the teacher to explain, they try to find thepatterns and the rules for themselves. They are good guessers who look forclues and form their own conclusions. When they guess wrong, they try to learnfrom their mistakes.

Successful language learning is active learning. Therefore, successful learnersdo not wait for a chance to use the language; they look for such chances. Theyfind people who speak the language and they ask these people to correct themwhen they make a mistake. They will try anything to communicate. They are notafraid to repeat what they hear or to say strange things; they’re willing tomake mistakes and try again. It is more important for them to learn and thinkin the language than to know the meaning of every word.

Finally, successful language learners are learners with a purpose. They want tolearn the language because they are interested in the language and the peoplewho speak it. It is necessary for them to learn the language in order tocommunicate with these people and to learn from them. They find it easy topractice using the language regularly because they want to learn with it. 



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