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假文凭 Fake Diplomas

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假文凭 Fake Diplomas 假文凭 Fake Diplomas

Nowadays,our society is filled with plenty of fake diplomas, making an increasing numberof people start to complain. Obviously, its appearance and development disturbpeople's life.


Aswe all know, we live in the world with a great deal of challenge andcompetition, and this is one of the reasons which resulting to the result.Besides, if people have access to fake diplomas, it's not necessary for them tostudy hard, and they wouldn't waste time on study. What's more, when theygraduate, they can get a desire job which many other people can't get. Naturedly,they will make a big sum of money which helps them to live a comfortable life.However, it has a terrible effect on people who struggle to get a greatdiploma. They feel it's not justice for them to pay their perspiration. Littleby little, more and more people learn to cheat instead of accruing a degree inan honest way.


Whenit comes to me, I consider we should take some effective measures to preventthis phenomenon, and we must have a reasonable attitude towards the degree. Forexample, when someone hunts for jobs, their individual personality andpractical ability should be accounted by HR as one of the most crucial factors.Only we take it seriously can we solve the problem of fake diplomas drastically.


假文凭 Fake Diplomas

In our society, the use of fake diplomas has been a serious problem and causes a lot of trouble and loss in many aspects. So what should we do to eliminate this phenomenon?


We can never ignore the bad influence that fake diplomas bring to us. For one thing, it intensifies the unfairness in our society in that those who use fake diplomas to occupy the seats that should belong to those who have enough qualification and ability. For another, in most cases, those who use fake diplomas are not qualified for their jobs and that will bring a large amount loss for the companies or constitutions they work for. In addition, it will put a premium on cheating.


Therefore, effective action should be taken to eliminate fake diplomas right away. In my opinion, our relevant departments should control strictly in conferring diplomas. Moreover, those who use fake diplomas should be punished seriously and announced in public. To put it in a nutshell, we should spare no effort to eliminate fake diplomas.

因此,应该马上采取有效的行动来消除假文凭现象。在我看来,我国有关部门要严格控制文凭的授予。而且,那些使用假文凭的人应该受到严惩,并公开宣布。简而言之,我们应该不遗余力地消除假文凭现象。  英语作文 http://yingyu.0s.net.cn/201307/0GVaE2013.html
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