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电子书将会取代传统书籍 E-books Will Replace Traditional Book

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电子书将会取代传统书籍 E-books Will Replace Traditional Books

Recentdecades have seen the rapid development of information technology. It plays asignificant role in our daily life. According, our reading habits changes alot, because there are more and more e-books come to our daily life. There is nodoubt that e-books makes reading more convenient and comfortable. Therefore,there are hot debates about e-books will replace traditional books.


Somepeople assert that e-books will replace traditional books. The following viescan support their views. In the first place, we have been used to reading e-books.When we want to do some reading, we may first search in on the Internet. Moreover,it saves us time and money. With e-books, we don’t have to go to the library toborrow or go to the bookstore to buy. Last but not least, at present, plenty ofpeople like to reading books on the phone or computer, which is convenient to carry.


Fromthe discussion above, I think in the future, the e-books will replace the traditionalones.


电子书和传统书籍 Electric Books and Traditional Books

Withthe development of technology, more and more electric books are used by people;in the meantime, many people still read traditional books. I think both of themhave their own advantages and disadvantages.


Electricbooks and traditional books can be very different from each other. Electricbooks are light to carry, and they are so divers that you can read them on yourmobile phone, MP4. To thecontrary, the quality of traditional books can be well guaranteed. Moreover,most of electric books are network novel, and most of traditional books areprofessional books. Many people enjoy reading traditional book. Finally, if youread the electric book too long, you will feel dizzy with agitation. So readingthe traditional books can make you healthy.


However,they have one thing in common that is they provide us knowledge. I think theywill develop better in the future to make up their disadvantages.


电子书不能取代传统书籍 E-Books Can Not Replace Traditional Books

Withthe development scientific technology and the improvement of people’s lifestandard, a growing number of e-books have been available for the readers.Therefore, some people hold the idea that e-books will replace traditionalbooks in the future, because the former is more advantageous than the latter,such as more convenient and less expensive.


However,as far as I am concerned, e-books will not and cannot replace traditionalbooks. First, compared with traditional books, we cannot get the same pleasurefrom reading e-books in that e-books are easier to make our eyes to be tiredand dry when reading. Second, with concern about copyright, there are manybooks are not available in digital form, especially classics. In other words,the resource of e-books is quite limited and cannot satisfy the readers. Third,there is a function of traditional books that e-books do not have—as a gift anda collection. I suppose that those who love reading would be willing to keep aprinted form even though he has read the electronic form of it.


Ina word, traditional books will continue to be the most important form in ourreading.


电子教科书之我见 My View on E-books

It's reported that students in Korea have used e-books from 2011. There are some people suggesting that e-booksshould be popularized in our country.Some people strongly support of it, but some others are against of it. In my point of view, I prefer the latter. First, as we all know that our society develops unbalanced. Some poor areas can't afford the costs of e-books. Furthermore, reading the e-books for long a long time will do harm to the eyesight of students. Last, the traditional books of paper have many advantages over e-books.


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