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网络对人际交往的影响 The Impact of Internet on Interpersonal

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网络对人际交往的影响 The Impact of Internet on Interpersonal Communication

WhenI first set my eyes on a father and his daughter, I heard the father ask abouthis daughter's school life. To my surprise, the girl told his father to readher blog so that he can get what he wants.


Now,the Internet has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life.It has influenced us a lot, especially on our interpersonal communication.


Forone thing, the Internet makes the interpersonal communication more convenient.We can contact with each other no matter when and where. The Internet makesfull use of time and space. What’s more, we can also share our daily life andknowledge through QQ, MSN, and blog with others. For another thing, theInternet speeds up our interpersonal communication. We can save time to do ourwork. However, the Internet also brings about many problems, such as safety problems,cheating and so on. Many people spend too much time on the Internet, and theydon't have time to interact with person in real life, which result in theabsence of ability in communication in reality.


Ithas both advantages and disadvantages to interact through the Internet. We canget to the problem in our work and study. Last but not lest, we have to talkwith people and develop our ability to communicate in reality.


网络对大学生的影响The Influence of the Internet on College Students

The usage of Internet becomes one of the most controversial topics in the society. As a college student, I believe Internet is beneficial to me more than the way it harms me. There are many advantages for using Internet.


First, I can best use my time to find information online instead of going to different libraries. Also, the information can be dated back in decades ago. It is very helpful to use those information as reference and historical proof. In the library, it is hard to find so much "old" information. Another advantage to use Internet is that I can stay home and have a lecture online. It is much more convenience to me because I can stay warm to have class in the winter time instead of spending two hours on the bus and physically attend class. In addition, Internet provides me a better way to communicate with my friends and professors. I can get response from my professor in a few minutes instead of waiting outside of his door for hours. Some of my friends are living in a foreign countries, I can simply just drop him an email whenever I can and get a message from him very quick. It is much better than waiting for letters. Also, the email will not lose while the letter might be losing in the process of delivery. 


However, there are also disadvantage of using Internet. For example, I might spend too much time on the Internet to concentrate on my study. Also, there is a chance that I am cheated because of the Internet purchasing. Last, Internet has lots of information, both helpful and harmful. There might be too much tempatation that I will access some of the harmful information I can on the Internet. 

Even though the usage of Internet has both positive and negative effect to me, I still consider Internet is a symbol of technology development. I believe I can use the Internet very well as long as I know how to control myself.


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