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关于网上购物 My View on Shopping Online

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关于网上购物 My View on Shopping Online

Whenit comes to online shopping, different people holds different ideas towards it.Some people seem extremely enjoy the way of buying things online because theyfeel online shopping is so convenient. Some just don’t believe that they can buygood quality commodities from Internet. As far as I’m concerned, I think onlineshopping creates lots of benefits to people.


Firstly,buying things online is a way of saving time. Compared with the traditional wayof shopping, we have no need to go out to pick up our favorite goods from storeto store. Just a click, we can have things in our shopping cart and just waitfor the goods to be delivered to us. To this extent, not only we can save thetime of finding things from store to store but we don’t need to spend time ontransportation. Thus, we can save lots of time to enjoy fun. 


Secondly,buying things online can save our money. People buy commodities by Internet notonly because it saves us time, but also, we can save lots of money. It is oftenseen that some people just go to the physical store to check out thecommodities they want to buy and then they would search for their favoritecommodities online and take the order. People do this just because they knowthat online goods are usually cheaper than the goods displayed in shop windowbecause online shop have no need to pay the rent. So, people are more inclinedto buying things from online store.


Thirdly,convenience is the last but not least thing of shopping online. Since we canbuy things online, there is no need to go out to look for things we want tobuy. What we need to do is to simply sit before our computer, search for thingswe want to buy, click our favorite thing and then pay our order by our bankcard. And then, you just need to wait for your goods to be delivered to yourhome.


Inconclusion, shopping online is a convenient, time-saving and money saving wayof buying things. Therefore, we can benefit a lot from shopping online. That’sthe reason of why shopping online has developed faster and faster in recentyears.   


关于网购的看法My View on Shopping Online

 With the development of e-commerce, shopping online becomes a new way of shopping which is getting more and more popular. Many citizens are likely to shop through internet nowadays.


Generally speaking, shopping online offers lots of advantages with its convenience the most prominent. There are many commodities on the internet where you can search whatever you want. Besides, you just click the mouse can you get all information you want, so that you don’t have to go to the shop personally. In addtition, the commodities on the Internet is usually cheaper than the stores which can save much money.


However, everything has two sides. You can not see the products or check their qualities and some of the sellers on the Internet is not so honest. And, for those who enjoys shopping around different stores, shopping online perhaps will make them bored.


In my opinion, shopping online has more advantages than disadvantages, and with the improvement of e-commerce, there will be more people to shop on the Internet. 


关于学生沉迷网络游戏利弊The Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

1. 现在有许多大学生沉溺于网络游戏
2. 沉溺于网络游戏给大学生带来的影响
3. 建议大家远离这种消遣方式
① be addicted to沉迷于(addict有……瘾的人,addiction上瘾)
② drop out of 离开,退出
③ isolate from使隔离
④ be more liable to 更易于……

   The Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet


  The following aspects could best illustrate the advantages of Internet. Netsurfers (网上冲浪者) in different countries can share interesting knowledge and the latest information. Besides, Internet has provided a major opportunity to buy and sell merchandise (商品). What is more, people may get medical help or even vote on Internet. Its advantages seem countless.


  Behind all this glowing talk, however, are some problems. Internet makes people passive by stop.


关于网上购物Shopping on the Internet



With the development of the Internet and the popularization of computers, shopping on the Internet has become a commonplace in our life. Here consumers can buy almost everything they need.

Shopping on the Internet has a lot of advantages, of which the most important is perhaps its convenience. People don't have to waste a lot of their energy and precious time to go from one shop to another to choose the commodities they like. This is especially desirable to the old, the sick and the busy people who cannot go to the shops in person. The goods come in all shapes, sizes and colors on the Internet. All they need to do is to sit in front of their computers and click the mouses. The commodities they order will be delivered to them promptly.


However, shopping on the Internet also has its disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that the consumers can't see the goods or try them on personally. Sometimes, the real goods may not be the same as what they have seen on the computer. The second disadvantage is that some shops on the Internet are not registered. They will never deliver anything to you after they get the money from you. Once cheated, you will find that you have nowhere to go to complain.


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