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快乐的一天 A Happy Day

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快乐的一天 A Happy Day

Today is Sunday. I went shopping with my father and mother. First, we went to the department store. My mother bought a beautiful dress. My father bought a pair of shoes. I had a new T-shirt, too. I like it very much. They bought some books for me. And then, we went to the supermarket. We bought some meats, vegetables, drinks and snacks. At Four o’clock, we went home by bus. What a happy day!


做一个快乐的人 Be Happy 做一个快乐的人 Be Happy

Canyou imagine the world full of crying and shouting, under the control of power,covered with darkness? However, it’s not just a joke I make, It is theveritable describe of a world without happiness and laugh. So, just be happy, spreadsunshine all over the world.


Ifcompare our life to a pie, our all emotions to all sorts of stuffing, what doyou want to make the most part of the pie if you control the process of makingthe pie of life? Obviously, the majority of people will add happiness to thepie as many as possible. Do you know why? It’s just because happiness standsfor sweet in most people’s mind, including me.


Don’tconsider it just as a comparison. It is the reflection of what you want.Happiness is a flower living in the sunshine and it is not difficult to reachfor it. We have a variety of emotions like blues, anger, fear, enthusiasm, happinessand all of them would naturally appear when something affects our feelings. So,if we can change our attitudes towards things in the world, we can surelyadjust our emotion in a good state. It means that we can choose to be happy ifwe want, as long as we can comment on everything in a positive way.


Youmay have ever heard about that kind of story that a patient recovering from aserious disease because of his optimism. That’s not a wonder. We can also own happiness,can feel the power of it, and the key to happiness is just in our own hands.


Ifwe can be happy, why not choose to be? Let’s try together to create a worldfilled up with smiling faces and sunshine.


我最快乐的时候 My Happiest Time

Ifyou ask me something about my happiest time, I'll answer like this.


Idon't know exactly about my happiest time, because every day I'm living is thehappiest time for me. I always keep a good mood. Every day I'm happy at work.When I'm at work, I always do my best, so my boss is satisfied with me. I geton well with my colleagues as well, since I'm always willing to help them. Nowonder I have so many friends. That is to say, I am happy when I am working.


What'smore, my best friends Phillip and Oscar always speak English with me. Everytime, they bring me a very big surprise. They help me a lot. Thanks to theirhelp, my oral English is getting better and better. I don't know how toappreciate them. Keeping learning makes me happy, too.


快乐的一天 A Happy Day

Todayis as normal as usual, but I am very happy today. I help an old granny. When I tookbus to school this morning, an old granny sat next to me. She was so graciousthat looked like my own grandmother. She talked to me. Suddenly, she had acough and then she seemed can’t breathe. I told the driver stop the busimmediately and then dialed 120 to call an ambulance. The ambulance arrived quickly.I went to the hospital with her. I help her called her son. After checking, theold granny relapsed but not very serious. When her son came, he thanked for meto call the ambulance. Seeing the old granny is fine, I leave and go to school.I was late for school, but I explained everything to my school. My teacherpraised me. I am happy I could help others.


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